andrea c. uva

Choker is a novel by Elizabeth Woods, published by Simon and Schuster and with a cover designed by Andrea C. Uva. The cover seems rather innocent at first glance. Coloured pink and white with only a bit of black, it seems to recall decorative vintage silhouette illustrations. The cursive typeface and the silhouette rose add to this effect. However, as one looks closer, they see that the background silhouettes are of trees, whose branches reach up (or towards the centre point of the composition) and grasp. The fact that they are white brings to mind inverted images and give the trees and almost sinister feel. The viewer can almost imagine that they are in those woods all alone, looking up to the sky and seeing only the tangled, grasping hands of the trees. It works wonderfully with the theme of the novel, which has to deal with missing peoples and mental illnesses.

The grasping trees also act to draw the viewer’s eye into the centre of the composition, where the title and the author’s name are positioned. Because both are black, they have the highest contrast in the composition and naturally draw the eye as well.

Overall, the cover of Chokerby Elizabeth Woods is a compelling one that will grasp the reader’s attention and leave them wondering what exactly sinister things they can find between the pages.