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I cannot stress enough that two time Tony Award Winner Andrea Martin played the villain in Barbie as the Island Princess and she sang a weirdly dark song to her pet rats (one of whom is a mime) about how she married an old man with a heart condition for money and in no uncertain terms intends to murder the ruling family.

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i didnt go to no fancy law school but gabe really dropped the ball! when andrea told the story of taylor's start in music, he could've pointed out how taylor has always had a huge influence on andrea and family. getting them all to move to nashville. talked about letter to apple to show her influence. and then asked if taylor wanted him fired. ASK TAYLOR, "if someone sexually assaults someone at work, should they be fired? if you think my client grabbed you, then you wanted him fired, right?'

no doubt, i can think of a lot of things i would have asked.  and he wouldnt even have had to ask if taylor said to her mom she wanted him fired, i believe she didnt say that anyway,  but he could have said smth like, how did you think taylor wanted him to be handled, slap on the wrist, nothing, fired, which one …. as her mother what was your perception of what you think taylor mightve wanted to happen? and its not like andrea says ‘oh nothing’ or ‘slap on the wrist’ right????????? isnt that basic???  etec could even have asked frank about his knowledge of on-air talent radio contracts, after all HES WORKED IN RADIO FOR THIRTY YEARS, im sure he would know contracts usually have the option to extend, duhhhhh even i know that, like, not really that secretive.   thats one of the things that got thrown out today cause they didnt make the case about future earnings, only the existing contract. 

he also never presented the jury with an alternative person to consider for the crime. like, isnt that 101? he sort of tried to push this whole accidental thing, which is just so unbelievable, but like, shouldn’t you be giving the jury another dude to consider? he knew taylor was confident she was groped. there is no dispute of that, it was in his filing. but he never provided a reasonable offer of who DID THE CRIME? idk that was dumb. if i was on the jury id be like look taylors sure she was groped if it wasnt mueller who tf was it? seems clear it wasnt eddie. wrong room, he was with people.. blah blah. therefore it must be mueller, okay lets vote now so we can go home. haha.

idk about asking taylor anything she probably ruffled his feathers too hard with her mic-drop answers. like she is a dream witness in that regard.