andrea and daryl

am I the only person that wants Daryl to run far far away from Carol..

bad things happen to people who are in contact with Carol when shit hits the fan..

Andrea gets left behind (she screams n runs away)
TDog gets eaten (she screams and stares)
Axel will get shot (uses him as a shield)


My thoughts on Andrea/Daryl

I don’t understand this ship…I mean as friends as I do, but as anything else??? No. There’s not much chemistry between these two…there’s really nothing. They are not alike in anyway, besides they are both badass (mostly just Daryl in my opinion) but they don’t have anything really in common. Plus, we’ve only seen them in a scene together like just once.

And people wants to run the Caryl ship down, but why? Daryl and Carol has more stuff in common then any of the others. They have both been abused in many ways…they both have scars. And we have scene so many one on one scenes with just these two. The Caryl ship would happen before Andrea/Daryl and everyone knows that!

I don’t like Andrea, I’m not going to lie about it. I think they have ruined her character and they have made her look like a whore! I’ve never liked Andrea, the TV Andrea. However, she was one of my favorites in the comic.

Too me…Carol is more like the comic Andrea and to be honest I hope they kill Andrea off. I’m sorry but I really wish they would.

I really like the actress, Laurie Holden, who played Andrea. I wish her the very best in the future with her career. The point I’m trying to make is just I really just didn’t like Andrea at all. It’s the same with Shane, I fucking hated Shane. Did not even cry when he died meanwhile when Dale died before him I sobbed uncontrollably. Anyway I noticed a few episodes ago the writers were trying to make Andrea less of a blind stubborn whore and I appreciated that factor. 

Tonight when she died I like tried to be sad about it. I tried. Except I just felt really relieved and I screamed YES at the TV. I felt sympathy towards Rick, Daryl, and Michonne. Especially Michonne because I believe they totally had a thing for each other. I also liked the nod she gave Daryl as well as the “I know how the safety works” to Rick. It was a reference from season 1 and Rick defiantly remembered that moment shared with her.  It was sad to watch Daryl and Rick hear the gun go off as well because I’m pretty sure Daryl let out a whimper as he hid his eyes with his hands. 

So for Andrea dying I was just really happy. I started disliking her character at the beginning of season 2 so i’m happy she’s gone. Sorry Andrea lovers.