andre: just date already

Between that pic of the two of them leaning against each other in the car looking adorable and that video that Lili took of Cole FLOSSING HIS FUCKING TEETH LIKE A BOSS AND WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD AND LOOKING HOT AS FUCK, her calling out Cole’s name, and him looking over abruptly/confused (like wtf), and his face immediately morphing into an exasperated recognition and endeared smirk followed by Lili’s cute giggle. Has got me like:

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So Naya texted Kevin “I love you” at 3.16am…AM…in the middle of the night, then she’s starting to fangirl over his nephew being born and she felt like she was talking about Kevin’s kid. Can you just imagine them being together and having their own kids together? Kevin ships himself with Naya just as much as every other McVera shipper and he’s so in love with her it’s fucking obvious and I feel like I’m gonna puke rainbows and butterflies.