Outkast joins Tumblr and we do an article about them. Coincidence?????

4 Lesser-Known Halves of Music Duos Who Deserve Your Respect

#4. Big Boi (Outkast)

On [Outkast’s] first album, the disparity between the pair in terms of ability was noticeable to the point of being uncomfortable. It was clear that, of the two, the guy who called himself “Dre” at the time was the star of the show. Not that Big Boi was bad; he was just a lot less good than his partner and had a way sillier name (still true). … A whole lot of things changed within the Outkast universe between their first and second albums, though. For one thing, it was obvious that Big Boi had done a shit-ton of rap pushups or sold his soul to the devil or something, because his talent as a rapper increased dramatically, so much so that definitively identifying one as better than the other was almost impossible.

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