“The Princess Bride” by William Goldman
Fezzik and Inigo Montoya, my favorite characters from book and film and I have no words to say how I love this story!
This was really excited journey, I`m loving all characters, but my favorite are they two. Fezzik is so kind and сute  and brave! And Inigo, oh, he is hero my heart! Love them soooo much  (≧◡≦) ♡

Princess Bride theory

I know people get mad about the “Fezzik you did something right” line by Inigo and admittedly I also got annoyed by the insinuation that Inigo thought Fezzik was a constant screw up.

But I was just watching the movie again and I think it actually isn’t supposed to mean that.

Who in the movie thought Fezzik was a screw up? Vizzini, he kept telling Fezzik he existed to be strong and was too dumb to think for himself. Inigo tried to make Fezzik feel better by being nice and distracting him, but he seemed to silently agree.

At the end he isn’t saying “Fezzik you finally did something right.” Fezzik was away from everyone, saw four horses, and made the decision that it would solve their escape problem. Inigo is telling him that he did something smart and he doesn’t need someone else to think for him because he’s just as helpful mentally as he is physically.

The line is Inigo validating Fezzik as an equal, not being condescending.