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Meeting The Family- Andre Burakovsky

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Request: Yes :) I was thinking if you could do one where Andre invites the reader to have dinner with his parents but they invite his ex without him knowing and the reader gets insecure because his parents  really like his ex please

Authors note : this one is a long one so make sure you have food and water in arms reach. 🍪🍪☕️

Warning: shady parents 🕶🕶🕶 insecurities


The Capitals were out of the playoffs which means it was time for Andre to pack up his skates and head back to Sweden. It has been over a month since the last time you saw Andre and you were starting to miss him. Yes, you guys skyped and called but it was not the same. You were sitting in bed watching tv when you got a text from Andre saying “ SKYPE NOW!!”. Since you thought it was urgent you hurried up and grabbed your laptop and opened Skype. “ Hey what is going on? Are you ok Andre? Is something wrong?” you said urgently. “Yeah I’m fine I just have a surprise for you that I think that you will like very much,” he said with his usual big bright smile. “ Andre you now how I feel about surprises” you responded “ I know but you will love this one. Did you get the email I sent you” he said eagerly  ‘“ Yes Andre I see the email” you said defeated  “ on the count of 3 open the email and read it” he said getting even more excited than before. You did what he said and opened it . in the email contained a round trip plane ticket to Sweden. “Andre no you did not,” you said uncertain  “ What do you not like it,” Andre said worriedly “ NO! I’m happy that you did this, I miss you a lot. It’s just I don’t like it when you spend large amounts of money on me, Andre, that is a $1,000 ticket Dre” you said unsure “ You deserve it for putting up with me, plus you get to see Kino” he said reassuring  “ and don’t worry about work, I already got you the time off” he added  “ How did I get so lucky?” you asked  “ I don’t know, maybe luck Älskling” he cheerfully responded. Later that day you started packing and in the morning off to Sweden you go.

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Number 98 - Andre Burakovsky

I love Andre I hope you like it lovely 

Anon:  98 with Andre B?

“I said I love you!”

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Andre looked at her as she laughed with her friends like always that beautiful laugh he has heard it every day since he became apart of the team he had seen her beautiful smile her Y/H/C and her Y/E/C he could get lost looking at them. But to you he would always be a friend a best friend like all the other guys at first he thought he could push these feelings aside but no matter what he tired you where always their making him fall more and more in love with you.

Y/N was fishing filling up water bottle for the guys being they where just fishing morning practice and god forbid if Tom Wilson did not have his water bottle it was the end of the world. But non the less he loved the team and the guys when she moved here they all helped her come out of her shy shell but mainly it was her best friend Andre that helped her being he was new as well. The two where always together if you couldn’t find on you just had to find the other Y/N and Andre friend Tom had been saying he was in love with her but she always told him he was crazy.

“Hey Y/N you got the water?”

“Yep coming.”

Y/n made her way to the locker room and stopped in front of it before yelling 


she heard them all laugh as she entered and handed out the water bottles when she got to Andre she gave him a hug 

“Can I get a hug.” came from Tom 

“Nope you stink and your all sweaty.”

“What so is Andre.”

“yeah but Andre my best friend.”

Y/N didn’t notice the hurt look that came on Andre face as her back was turned to him as she talked to Tom the guys around him gave him a pity look but he just sat down and started to undue his skates. Y/N didn’t know why all the guys look sad or why Andre had just started to ignore her but she shrugged it off as him wanting to get out of the locker room.

as the week went by Y/N noticed Andre seemed to be a little more quiet and sad around her and she wanted to know why didn’t she do something did she hurt him in some way. so she knew she had to ask somebody so she went to Tom 

“Hey Tommy can I ask you something?’

Tom looked to her with a smile “Yeah sure whats up Y/N/N.”

“Do you think Andre been I don’t know acting weird lately?”

“weird as in how?”

“I don’t know he just seems so quiet around me and sad all the time and spends less time with me and I’m worried did i do something?”

Tom rolled his eyes and face palmed before waling away 

“Tom Tom that didn’t help any.” she said as he walked away

So getting nothing from Tom she went to Ovi instead she sat on the bench as the guys practiced and waited for him to come over for a drink 

“Hey Ovi.”

“Hey Y/N what’s gotten you so sad your always smiling?”

“It’s Andre he been so distant lately form me and I think I did something wrong.”

Ovi gave her a kind smile 

“ Y/N if you really want to find out you should ask him.”

“But how can I when he doesn’t want to talk to me Ovi.”

“Just Ask.”

so later that night Y/N went to Andre apartment when he answered he had a look of surprise on his face but he let her in 

“Y/n what are you doing here.”

“Andre what did I do.”

“What did you do, what do you mean Y/N.”

“Your pushing me away Andre what did i do to make you do it.”

“It’s not like that Y/N.”

‘Than what is it.”

Y/N now stood in Andre living room on the edge of tears Andre didn’t know what to say well he didn’t he wanted to tell her he loved her but he knew she didn’t love him so he kept his mouth shut.



But she just closed his front door Andre eyed widen as he saw what had just happened he ran out after her she was heading for the stairs when he yelled out 

“Jag älskar dig.” ( I’m so so sorry if that’s wrong i am using google translate I don’t know Swedish)

she stopped and looked at him confused written all over her face Andre looked at his feet it was quiet in till he heard her footsteps walk over to him when he looked up her Y/C/H and her Y/C/E still full of tears.

“Andre you know I don’t know Swedish so what did you say?”

“I said I love you!

Y/N eye widened Andre looked to his feet again he knew it she didn’t love him she only saw a friend nothing else he should have knew better but his thoughts where cut off by a pair of lips meeting his.