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Richonne “Say Yes” Review by Lauren Avila


I’m the queen of the world! Woo-hoo! I feel like I’m flying at the front of the most magnificent ship on television. Rick and Michonne Grimes are honestly one of the strongest, healthiest, and inspiring couples I’ve ever seen in any media form. I know it sounds cliche, and they are anything but cliche, but they complete each other. It’s remarkable really because independently they are already capable warriors who don’t NEED anyone but that’s essentially what makes this pair so amazing. Rick and Michonne on their own are survivors, but together they are an unstoppable force. This episode really was a beautiful tribute to each character but a undeniable display of their impressive teamwork. I loved this episode so much I can hardly express why. It was the little things that made me the happiest. I truly appreciate the hardwork that goes into The Walking Dead. The whole cast, crew, writers, and producers are in a caliber quite different from any other tv show out there. It’s such a gift to be able to pick up on new things each time you see an episode. As some fans might have noticed. There was a lot more to the episode than just what was at the surface, as often there is in any episode. Okay, so let’s dive in. There were parts of the episode that I was swooning over as a fangirl but other parts that I found I was completely fascinated by as a regular viewer. I found there was a lot of symbolism and signs going on especially regarding callbacks to other episodes and possible foreshadowing to the future. Let’s first discuss all the callbacks. As a whole, I feel like this episode sort of embodied their journey so far, individually and together. If you look enough into it (as a fangirl), you might even say this was like going down an AISLE of memory lane. ;)

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earlier today, the world (or at least the internet) has finally heard from @paradisefears​ again and my heart is glad. Glad is actually an understatement because I just totally lost it after reading this:

“this thing that we built— you & us together— is far too beautiful & rare to ever stop. we couldn’t stop being a part of it if we tried. we care too much about these songs, & the people they introduced us to; as long as the six of us exist, there will always be a paradise fears.”

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I couldn’t stress my love for this band and their music enough. Their lyrics will always be my go-to in joy and sadness and if I ever feel the need to doodle stuff on my notes. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed this whole typography/calligraphy business because I had too much quotable lyrics from these guys. So….. posting this compilation of all the PF-related works I’m proud of (there’s a whole lot more than this, believe me) to celebrate this glorious day. I love you PF, can’t wait to hear more from you. Go fill up those shelves ♡🐢