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so I think it's time for us to go down memory lane

let’s start with the angsty shit. what was your most painful/saddest moment in all of Turn???? ill go first: Washington saying “I’m not your father and you’re not my son.” To Ben. :’(

Only You (Andre Burakovsky)

Anonymous said:

Can I get an Andre burakovsky imagine because he just broke his hand? Like his gf is comforting him because he has to miss a month of playing time or something? Thanks!

Anonymous said:

Can you do a cute andre burakovsky please

Word count: 1297

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Andre’s hockey games were some of your favorite events to go to. You were a hockey fan before you had started dating Andre, but there was just something different about being able to cheer your boyfriend on at his job. Plus, celebrating wins was just a little bit sweeter when it was Andre’s win you were celebrating. You always sat right up against the glass so that Andre would always be able to glance up and see you, a little superstition from the early days of your relationship. Tonight was no different. You sit through against the glass and take dumb SnapChats of Andre warming up, sending them to his phone to make him laugh, one of his favorite ways to unwind after the game.

As the game starts, you fall into the role of hockey girlfriend, cheering Andre on fiercely and yelling at the refs whenever they make a dumb call (which, in your opinion, is most of the time). The first period is almost over, the Red Wings leading 2-1, when it happens.

Every significant other of an athlete has the fear that their athlete is going to be horribly injured while playing. Everyone’s heard the horror stories of a check gone wrong, with one person’s spinal cord being severed. Even when Andre would get checked and go down for a split second, you would still jump up, frantically watching to make sure he’s okay. Most of the time, he’s fine. Tonight, however, it’s the exact opposite.

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Double Teamed (Andre Burakovsky)

Prompt: Could you do one where you’ve been friends with Geno for years and you’re dating Andre Burakovsky and the three of you guy run into each other at one of the playoff games and Andre gets jealous because he didn’t know you knew Geno? 

Andre Burakovsky x Reader

Requested: yes

Includes: jealousy, somewhat sad Andre

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