andre price

Price, in a darkened parking garage, to a figure in a trench coat: The bruins shut us out 4-0, my team can’t score and one of them crashes into me every time he’s on the ice. How did you do it, how did you get Therrien fired?

The person in a trench coat, in a soft voice: You have to do it… you have to tell him you will not resign unless he is gone.

Price: But I want to stay! What if they think Therrien is more important than me, the best goalie in the league?

The person in the trench coat steps into the light, revealing his face. It is MARC ANDRE FLEURY: Trust me, if I am more important to a team with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on it than Therrien, you are more important to a team with no stars at all.


I stand apart from the rest.

I stand as the last line of defence.

I stand in the way of what every player wants most.

I am a dream wrecked. A momentum killer. A goal robber.

In my world every puck is a threat, every puck carrier, an accomplice.

I defend my net on the principle that it is my home and that nothing comes in uninvited. Every save I make fuels the next and every crease I protect is my own. I am satisfied only after I stop everything.



part one of me sending my brother pictures of hockey players and him giving his first impressions on them // part two - part three