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Shame trailed instant intimacy. Could intimacy ensure once indecency was spent and our bodies had run out of tricks?

I don’t know that I asked the question, just as I am not sure I am able to answer it today. Was our intimacy paid for in the wrong currency?

Or is intimacy the desired product no matter where you find it, how you acquire it, what you pay for it–black market, gray market, taxed, untaxed, under the table, over the counter?

—  André Aciman, Call Me By Your Name 

Hockey Goalie Lingo

  • Blue paint = mine, don’t touch.
  • Net = mine, don’t touch.
  • Crease = I’ll hit you, don’t come in.
  • Water bottle = mine, don’t touch. Bottle police always on patrol.
  • Goalie interference = if you touch me, I’ll hit you. If you breathe on me, I’ll hit you. If you run into me, my team and I will hit you.
  • Mask = it comes off, no more play.
  • Hooked = team sucks but I get punished.
  • Groin injury = I’m too old for the splits.
  • Mask save = I can’t hear you, I’m seeing double, but yay no goal.
  • Pads = Shea Weber slapshot forcefield.
  • Blocker = Carey Price’s best friend
  • Glove = teammates tender head craddle.
  • Stick = I can hit you from 3 feet away, don’t mess with me.
  • Goalies are weird = I’m better than you, hotter than you, and I’m still your mom’s favorite.

Me, adding yet another hockey player to an ever growing list: *tears up* Fuck it all, you can be here too. My heart has room.

“Are you a hockey fan?”

*pulls out 15 jerseys, 10 posters, 12 shirts, 3 car decals, 9 signed photos, 3 ticket stubs, an encyclopedia of every player I love, and my Tumblr*

“I mean, it’s okay, I guess.

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I love how all posts about goalkeepers fit both hockey goalies and football keepers.

Like, a post about a goalkeeper way outside his crease? 

Does Manuel Neuer think he is a midfielder again?

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Or did Ben Bishop decide that it was “adventure time”?

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And a post about a goalkeeper annoyed on the bench?

Was Carey Price pulled out?

Or is Iker Casillas mad at his defenders everyone?

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And a post about just a pure, perfect, adorable goalkeeper?

Is it Marc-Andre Fleury?

Or is it Marc-Andre Ter Stegen?

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Anyways, who cares, goalkeepers are the best

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hope y’all enjoy this! I certainly did :p my friend Emily here has no knowledge of hockey but is quite funny imo. sorry for anything that is insensitive. I tried my best to tag accordingly but if y’all have anything for me to add, don’t hesitate to say so. 


I did one of those “ask a friend who knows nothing about NHL to do a first impressions on hockey players”. My favourite is her reaction to Marc-Andre Fleury. Thoughts?

Price, in a darkened parking garage, to a figure in a trench coat: The bruins shut us out 4-0, my team can’t score and one of them crashes into me every time he’s on the ice. How did you do it, how did you get Therrien fired?

The person in a trench coat, in a soft voice: You have to do it… you have to tell him you will not resign unless he is gone.

Price: But I want to stay! What if they think Therrien is more important than me, the best goalie in the league?

The person in the trench coat steps into the light, revealing his face. It is MARC ANDRE FLEURY: Trust me, if I am more important to a team with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on it than Therrien, you are more important to a team with no stars at all.