andre phillips

which member of team norway you should fight and why

who would win: fannis
he might be smol but he’s also fast because his tiny legs run very fast and he also makes long jumps

who would win: hilda
he seems all fun and games but he is tough af. like he fell on his face and didn’t give a single fuck about it

who would win: you
even tho there’s no real reason for you to fight him - but if you do you would still win

who would win: no one
why would you fight this man? there is literally no reason to fight him. don’t do that. don’t fight kenny

who would win: you
he might look like a model and has razor sharp cheekbones but he also has a weakness for slippers and probably trips over them

who would win: him
actually his girlfriend will come and smack you down

who would win: you
he’s so pretty his name literally means beautiful in german and with all this beauty he forgets to fight back. please don’t hit him in the face it’s so pretty

who would win: hauer
you underestimate him but if he doesn’t get disqualified there’s no chance for you to win


Apparently you must have an ear for music if you want to be a part of team Norway :)