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About Rizal we can say righteously: “The Spaniards, they killed him.” But about Bonifacio, we cannot be so smug. We know who killed him. It was our hands that pulled the trigger, our hands that swung the blade. It was we who decreed, on that mountain in Maragondon, that he was not to finish the Revolution. We don’t call him martyr–because who was the butcher?
—  A Question of Heroes, by Nick Joaquin

     When 3-G wasn’t putting out tapes of public domain cartoons, it was releasing pre-WWF matches of World Wrestling Federation superstars. These tapes all seem to date from 1989. I remember buying the Andre, Hogan (pre-headband), and Savage (pre-glasses) tapes (black, not yellow) as a three-pack, from our local mall, in the early 1990’s (the peak of my family’s fascination with professional wrestling). I later got rid of the tapes, but wouldn’t mind seeing them again someday. for nostalgia’s sake. They were certainly entertaining enough for me at the time. (Pics from Ebay, Amazon, VHS Collector, and Retro Daze.)

okay, so in a fit of insanity, i decided to organize every single character in One Piece with a known birthday by their astrology signs (Aries, Taurus, etc..) i also included their birthdays. the characters are generally in the order of when they appeared in the series

be warned, this is a VERY LONG POST

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Lawyer-client/politics Mabinaldo AU

Apolinario Mabini is one the best of lawyers in the country, having not only graduated with a summa cum laude when he received his degree, but also topping the bar with a near 100% examination grade with all subjects. But unlike other lawyers who’d rather go into private practice in big law firms, he instead chose to be PAO lawyer, preferring to serve the less fortunate ones, coming from a less fortunate family like himself.

So imagine his surprise when the infamous Cavite politician Emilio Aguinaldo himself walked into the PAO office to meet him personally. Mabini is surprised to see charismatic Kawit Representative and is a bit wary at first, not because he has anything against the man, but he’s actually wary of strangers in general. His clients doesn’t count because he knows that it’s all business.

So when Emilio asks him to be his legal adviser, Mabini relaxes because it’s all business, besides how can anyone resist a man who’s so passionate about their motherland?

So they develop a pattern, at day, he’s a PAO lawyer and in his private practice, he’s Emilio’s legal adviser, and the consultation is usually done in coffee shops and restaurants. Slowly, their conversations turns away from the law and more about each other. And Mabini finds himself looking forward to their almost daily meetings.

One day, an old friend of Mabini, Andres Bonifacio, a party-list Representative, comes to visit him, and the two talk about old times. Having lost track of time, Mabini completely forgot that he and Emilio were supposed to meet in a coffee shop not far from the office, so when Emilio came in looking haggard and surprised to see Mabini talking with Bonifacio, Mabini (harshly) mentally scolded himself for not checking his phone.

Aguinaldo ang Bonifacio were not unfamiliar with each other, as they both work in the House of Representatives, and when Bonifacio asked how Aguinaldo and Mabini knew each other, Aguinaldo answers, in a cold, emotionless voice, “I’m his client.” Before excusing himself and leaving.

The paralytic is stunned by the words and Bonifacio is surprised at his fellow Congressman’s action and his old friend’s seemingly hurt and confused face.

Mabini knew that it wasn’t a lie. The reason why Emilio came to him in the first place was to ask for his advice in aid of legislation, but is their relationship merely lawyer-client?

Seeing that it must be his cue to leave, Bonifacio bids Mabini farewell and tells him that they should keep in touch, leaving a confused Mabini.

The following day, after the day’s session at the House of Representatives, Bonifacio surprises Aguinaldo when he leaves for the day and asks (bluntly) if he has likes Mabini.

Used to the other Congressman’s bluntness even in their debates, Aguinaldo doesn’t answer. Buy it was enough for Bonifacio who says, “Buhok walis na nga, torpe pa!” He eventually tells Aguinaldo that if he likes Mabini he should go and tell the man, and warns him that should he break Mabini’s heart, he will personally shave off Aguinaldo’s hair before leaving the other legislator alone.

Back at the PAO office, it’s business as usual for Mabini, but feels as if he’s lost something important. As he was about to leave the office, Emilio meets him and asks him for dinner. “No hiding behind the veil of asking legal advice, this time. Just a man interested in another man asking him out.”

Mabini is very happy and says yes and Aguinaldo admits that the first meeting was actually all about business, but he started to develop feelings for the other man as he slowly got to know him, and Mabini too, admits the same.

Mabini admits that it’s his first official date and Aguinaldo promises that it will be his best.

((May kasunod pa ‘to pero mas seryoso politics-heavy talaga. Medyo angst-y din. Post ko ba?))