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If there’s one thing that hockey’s taught me, it’s this:


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I’ve done the math on about how long Jake and Amy have been dating. It’s been just over 2 years.

When doing said ‘math’, I discovered that- if I am correct in assuming that the first time they said 'I love you’ was on the cruise- Jake and Amy didn’t say 'I love you’ until a little after 6 months of being togather.

Now, I don’t have much experience, but I feel like 6 months is a little bit of a long time before saying that for the first time ? ? (especially since we all know Jake and Amy have loved each other forever, an you know it)

Am I wrong? Is that a normal amount of time?

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Dear people from USA and other countries

We all know you are excited, happy and lucky that you have already seen IT in the cinemas.

But, could you please stop posting videos and pictures taken with your cameras from the movie?

First, it is a crime in many countries. You can go to jail for 1,2 or 3 years (Go and find by yourselves).

Second, it is pretty disrespectful for everyone involved in the production of this movie. Including the actors. So how can you call yourselves fans?

Third, there are contries where the movie has not been release until the end of september, october and even november. Many people have said thing like “It is based on a book, you already know what happen at the end” “If you don´t want spoilers, don’t enter to social media” “It’s my phone and I do whatever I want” “It’s a free country and I comment whatever I want”

But as you already know, the movie is not 100% equal as the book. Muschietti made many changes to IT but keeping the essence of the story.


And the most important thing, please let the people enjoy the screening at their personal way. We want to discover the movie like a child discovering something for the first time.


I have said since the release of the trailers and tv spots that they were too much. Personally i have only watched the trailers and it is enough. I have written to Barbara Muschietti about it. She only liked my comment but nothing else was made. I have been avoiding all the spots, leaked scenes and everything but this situation is out of control. Especially now


Real movie fans or cinephiles (in my opinion) want to experience the movie without spoilers (even though we already know the plot)


So please stop being so selfish and NO MORE SPOILERS PLEASEEEE!!!!


Thank you…


You dummies

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Bad Ragaz, 30.07.2017
  • Erik Durm and Emre Mor are training individually
  • Marcel Schmelzer and Julian Weigl are running 
  • Jacob Bruun-Larsen ist back in Team Training
  • Andre Schürrle is doing reduced training
  • lots of passing and position exercises
  • (training seems to be far more intense than with Tuchel (still not as intense as it was with Klopp :P))
  • lots and lots of explaining
  • Nuri’s probably planning to be headcoach by tomorrow
  • Nuri’s always doing cool stuff when I don’t have the camera ready