andrade maxwell

True friendship does exist.

I’m having a lot of Maxwell and Zlatan feelings at the moment so I decided to make a little collage for them. 

Their friendship is just so epic, so pure and ever lasting. It has lasted over 13 years now and it still manages to amaze me every day. 

It can’t be easy for Maxwell to always be in the shadows of the great “Zlatan” but he was never jealous or resenting him for it. 

Maxwell is always there to help Zlatan get up whenever he falls.

In life and in football.  

When someone talks shit to Maxwell, they are in big trouble with his best friend who is very overprotective of him.

When Maxwell got selected for the World Cup Zlatan took him out to celebrate. 

And posted a super cute message on Facebook about how Maxwell deserved this more then anyone else he knew. How he would now relive the world cup trough Maxwell’s eyes.

It was super sweet. 

Zlatan favors the left side at PSG, because that is Maxwell side and they can combine together perfectly. Seeing how they played together for a long time, at four different clubs.

At Barca Zlatan struggled a lot. He had a hard time with Pep and was suffering from that. But Maxwell was always there for him, always the one who pulled him trough. 

Whenever they score, the other one is always first one there to hug the scorer. 

Did I mention that Zlatan’s eldest son is named Maxi? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

 They even go with their kids to the theme parks.

Their lockers are next to each other and they drive up to training together (well Zlatan drives) and they go into tubs together.

Oh and they are also plane buddies who room together whenever they are staying in hotels. And according to them : they do everything together in the rooms. Even hugging and spooning ( lol )

When Zlatan was totally broke when he started playing for Ajax, he moved in with Maxwell, even though he had only met him a couple times at Ajax.

He just rang him up for help and Maxwell offered him a place to stay.

They didn’t really know each other yet but Maxwell let him stay at his house for a month, and they cooked together and became amazing friends. 

I really hope to find a friendship like theirs myself once. It would mean the world to me. 

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Another gif that is really sweet

Zlatan’s TV interview was very nice, he talked about Maxwell a lot. 

How he was his best friend and they had shared everything together.