andrés iniesta

football-s  asked:

Ronaldo, Neymar, Torres, iniesta?? c: <3

ronaldo: overhyped but a Good Man, kind of out of his prime but appears and does good shit. like that kid who never comes to class but aces the class somehow. not a bad player but not necessarily the best imo.

neymar: i’d suck that olympic gold medal winner for FREE. my beautiful lil brazilian brigadeiro is Pure and Angelic and deserves the Best and i love him with my whole heart and soul and i hope he had a good Second Birthday today

torres: his freckles always get me man, like torres will always have a good place in my heart from when he played for liverpool and even garbage ch*lsea (who ruined him imo but whatever) he’s just out there having a Good Ass Time and i love him for it

iniesta: don andres,,,i worship the very ground his boots touch, if i were to believe in anything in this world i would believe in iniesta and how goddamn talented he is, like he’ll be Chillin and somebody will say something like “oh iniesta is getting old he’ll retire soon” and then he pulls some crazy footwork out his ass and show the world how it’s REALLY done and that’s just. Iconic

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