anonymous asked:

what are your favorite tumblr blogs?

Well, I have several.

  1. I love Andrew’s blog because we have such a similar taste in a lot of things. I end up primarily reblogging from him. He’s the cooliest.
  2. thelonelyscarecrow is quality, too. I love everything about autumn and Halloween and he definitely provides the goods! (Plus I recently discovered that he loves Conan as much as I do. So he gained some serious cool points because of that.)
  3. killingcapulets is another wonderful blog. She’s nerdy and adorable and sweet and I just love her and her blog all around. She’s just amazing.
  4. gifmovie is amazing! He makes his own gifs and they’re creepy and weird and bizarre. And I just love that about his blog. Super unique. Check him out.
  5. lovesugartits is another favorite. She is a strong, gorgeous, proud woman who doesn’t give a shit about what other people think of her. She writes beautifully and tells the coolest stories. She is not ashamed to openly talk about sex, she is not ashamed of the human body, and she is always answering people’s question, giving them advice. She is just a really lovely woman who I respect greatly and enjoy following.
  6. And then there’s Tyler Oakley. He’s a YouTuber and he is absolutely hysterical. I love his videos and his blog. He has such a kind heart and he stands strong in what he believes in and I have a lot of respect for him.

So yeah. You should check all of these awesome people out!