I'm too easily entertained.

Last night at happy hour, I asked Emily (You know, my new robot assistant) what sound a rooster makes.

You see, I had tested her with chicken on my drive over and she performed just great. But not with rooster.

Oh, she knows what sound it makes, however she doesn’t know how to stop making it. So in this restaurant, my very loud phone proceeded to cock-a-doodle-doo for several minutes. First I tried telling her, “Emily, stop.” I’m sure that looked totally normal. Then, my friend tried to call me to make it stop. So then, my very loud phone was cock-a-doodle-dooing and playing a lovely ringtone for everybody to enjoy.

As I was smothering my phone, smiling nervously and trying to shut my phone off as quickly as possible, some middle-aged guy about 10 feet away looked at me and said, “Excuse me, but I’m trying to enjoy my time here, can you stop that?”

As I started to apologize profusely and tell him that I was really trying to get this thing off, he breaks into a big smile and says, “I’m totally kidding. Just thought I’d give you a hard time.”

What a nice guy. He made me feel like I wasn’t the bane of everyone’s existence in that place.

So, to end this story, I’m never asking Emily again what sound an animal makes. At least out in public. How embarrassing. Thanks, Em. 

In other Emily news, she has told me that the fastest way home is ‘time travel’ and that she sensed some sarcasm in my voice when I was talking to her last night. She also woke me up at 6:30 am today like I asked her to and has texted my mom some messages for me. Those were all wins!

I neeeeeeed my boyfriend home. I am now entertaining myself with my phonebot. The next stage will likely be increased crafting for my cat. I bet she’d look good in a knitted sweater.                         …kidding…?

Come home boyfriend!


For the 9th challenge from WeeklyArtChallenge I chose paranoidandroid42.

So I made a paranoid android. Yesss….

She was designed to answer any question like a walking dictionary. But a Sci-Fi-fan ,who was part of the technical-group, thought it would be funny and installed a glitch just for trolling so every answer she gives is 42.

When she was activated she was a nice and kind android, but could only answer with 42. She knows the real answer but the 42 is like a huge virus that always blocks her mind.

Everybody were disappointed and angry and she really tried to help ,but she couldn’t. Everybody said she was a failure but she knew the answers. That drove her crazy and she went paranoid.

She likes to sit alone in her big-sized pullover she found once and muffling all the answer she would have given ,if there wasn’t a glitch.
Taking Screenshots with Kindle Fire (for real?)

Can this possibly be for real? As many as 23 steps (depending on how fancy you have to get in the command line, apparently) to enable screen shots? I’ve seen this before, shortly after Android devices first hit the market, have they really not fixed this?

You know how you take a screen shot in iOS? Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Your screen shot is now saved in your photo roll. Done.

I clearly prefer iOS to Android, but still, can someone tell me that’s not for real?

Had a Great Idea for an Android/iPhone App Today

The Fitblr app would convert scanned images (or bar codes) of nutritional information

External image
into something actually useful for people - a pie graph of macro-nutrients or some other format so people (especially people trying to be healthy) can better understand what they are putting in their mouths. 

What do you think fitblrs?


Well, he doesn’t look steampunk enough yet… still even considering if he should look how I normally make him or totally steampunkish.. I could always just dress him up steampunkish at least.. :V

But yeah, this is what I have so far of that android!Wheatley figurine I’ve been working on.. 83

He has a working light in his chest as I’ve mentioned before. He’s so far fully constructed of a just a wire frame, aluminum foil, and tape. I forgot the name of this kind of tape.. but yeah. I plan to go over it all with clay and give him hair and stuff. (the hair will be thread though)

I hope it will turn out awesome. :I

He doesn’t have his feet yet, but he stands up to a couple inches over a foot. I’ll measure it when I’m done. Whatevz.

You don’t need to see my face. I’ve been working on this lately and not myself. I look like crap, needless to say. Thus, is the life of an artist though.

membuat yang jauh jadi deket, yang deket malah jadi jauh..
  • *situasi, di lobby kampus dimana gw ngliatin temen gue pacaran.
  • *prolog, temen gue imron (selanjutnya disebut im) punya cewe namannya kanya (selanjutnya disebut K) dimana si imron ini tipikal cowo yang "geek" banget, dan demen ngoprek. semua yang bisa diinstall ulang dia coba buat install ulang, termasuk henphone androidnya (galaxy ace). sedangkan cewenya tipikal cewe yang gaul gila, serta menjungjung tinggi azas 3B (blackberry, behel dan Belah tengah).
  • gw yang duduk cuma berjarak 1 meter dari merka mendegar dengan jelas sekali percakapan itu...
  • im :nya, kamu udh makan?
  • k :udh (sambil tangan tetap sibuk ngutak ngutik BB nya)
  • im :kamu kok sibuk banget sih sama BB, ada apa?
  • k :ada macem-macem, mention-an sama si ipul. Bbm-an sama yosef Ym-an sama tantri. (dijawab dengan tangan dan mata terus ke BB, tanpa memperdulikan imron)
  • im :oh.. (dengan muka bete)
  • nah gw ngeliat temen gue si "im" dgituin gw samperin...
  • gw :ron, dicuekin nih yee hahaha :D
  • im :ah diem lo..!!
  • gw :dih sewot, woles aja kali..
  • gw :emg enak punya cewe yang beda "platform" makannya lo install ulang aja otak cewe lo.
  • im :tau nih sebenernya gw dianggep apa sih sm dia, kok lebih asik sama yang jauh padahal ada gw yang deket disini (dengan intonasi nyindir si kanya)
  • k :makannya pake BB dong, kamu sih malah beli android
  • gw :lo juga salah nya' udah tau ada cowo lo, masih aja terus sibuk sama BB. emg lo gak nganggep dia ada?? ternyata BB bisa bikin orang jadi autis ya??
  • im :iya bikin yang jauh jadi deket, yang deket jadi dijauhin...
  • gw :wah kalo udh jadi emosi gini gw gak ikutan deh *ngeloyor cabut
  • *epilog setelah hari itu sebulan kemudian si imron beli BB juga, dan kalo gw ngelewatin lobby kadang ada mereka yang tetep asik sendiri-sendiri tanpa memperhatikan pasangannya. kasihan....