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i got real sad that there wasn’t one for posner too (considering he’d be an instagram whore) so here is my labour of love from the last 4 hours

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Winter and Torin or Iko and Torin brotp please?

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BROTPS EVER! I’m so in love with the idea of Iko and Torin.

  • Iko has literally no experience with the world of politics when the revolution ends, but suddenly, she’s thrown into the position of advising the queen of an entire planet. Naturally, she turns to Torin for help and he mentors her through it.
    • She comms him at all hours with frantic questions and complimated political dilemmas and delicate court intrigues, but Torin is more than happy to help because he likes her and he likes Cinder and he wants them both to succeed.
      • He walks her through the duties of an advisor, teaches her all the tricks of the trade, and advises her on what to expect, what to avoid, and how to stay sane in the process.
  • When Kai and Cinder fight (as teenage monarchs are prone to do), they mediate—”Look, you need to make your idiot call my idiot because she just spent the morning moping around the throne room and I think she’s ready to make up.” “Excellent. His Highness is at approximately the same emotional stage. I’ll arrange it.”—and manipulate them until they’ve come to their senses.
  • Much like Kai and Iko, Torin and Iko also like to gossip together. About their teenage royals, about the stupid politicians they work with, about the Rampion crew—everything.
  • Initially, Torin wasn’t convinced that appointing an andoid as Counselor was a wise move. He kept that opinion to himself, of course, but he still held it until that first night when Iko called him, panicked that she was going to let Cinder down. She was so earnest and so dedicated to both her friend and to the nation that was depending on her that Torin knew instantly that the right decision had been made.
  • They have a standing bet as to when Kai and Cinder are going to get married.
    • They both intend to cheat by advising their respective royals on wedding dates, but neither Iko or Torin is aware of the other’s plans.
  • That first year after the revolution when Iko attends the Peace Festival with Cinder and the rest of the Rampion Gang, almost no one outside of their crew will dance with her for the first few hours. Up until that year, androids were banned and things may have changed somewhat, but predjudice doesn’t die that quickly. Then Torin asks her dance and they whirl regally about the dance floor, while Torin glares at the aristocrats on the sidelines with every circuit they make. Eventually, he has made his point, and Iko has no trouble finding partners for the rest of the night because the entire upper crust of the Eastern Commonwealth knows Konn Torin and they fear his wrath like no one else’s.
    • At the end of the night as everyone is leaving, Iko catches up to Torin and essentially tackle-hugs him, whispering a thank you in his ear as she throws her arms around him.
I'm too easily entertained.

Last night at happy hour, I asked Emily (You know, my new robot assistant) what sound a rooster makes.

You see, I had tested her with chicken on my drive over and she performed just great. But not with rooster.

Oh, she knows what sound it makes, however she doesn’t know how to stop making it. So in this restaurant, my very loud phone proceeded to cock-a-doodle-doo for several minutes. First I tried telling her, “Emily, stop.” I’m sure that looked totally normal. Then, my friend tried to call me to make it stop. So then, my very loud phone was cock-a-doodle-dooing and playing a lovely ringtone for everybody to enjoy.

As I was smothering my phone, smiling nervously and trying to shut my phone off as quickly as possible, some middle-aged guy about 10 feet away looked at me and said, “Excuse me, but I’m trying to enjoy my time here, can you stop that?”

As I started to apologize profusely and tell him that I was really trying to get this thing off, he breaks into a big smile and says, “I’m totally kidding. Just thought I’d give you a hard time.”

What a nice guy. He made me feel like I wasn’t the bane of everyone’s existence in that place.

So, to end this story, I’m never asking Emily again what sound an animal makes. At least out in public. How embarrassing. Thanks, Em. 

In other Emily news, she has told me that the fastest way home is ‘time travel’ and that she sensed some sarcasm in my voice when I was talking to her last night. She also woke me up at 6:30 am today like I asked her to and has texted my mom some messages for me. Those were all wins!

I neeeeeeed my boyfriend home. I am now entertaining myself with my phonebot. The next stage will likely be increased crafting for my cat. I bet she’d look good in a knitted sweater.                         …kidding…?

Come home boyfriend!

Had a Great Idea for an Android/iPhone App Today

The Fitblr app would convert scanned images (or bar codes) of nutritional information

External image
into something actually useful for people - a pie graph of macro-nutrients or some other format so people (especially people trying to be healthy) can better understand what they are putting in their mouths. 

What do you think fitblrs?