Unexpected Reunions ||Khan

Kirk had just gotten a nice break from Star Fleet. He had spent the day helping out the trainees as he was asked to by PIke. He would live out the request for the rest of his days. Due to the fact that PIke was like a father to him, and with him gone, it was had to admit that he was.

After he unlocked his door he opened it and locked the door behind him which would turn out to be a mistake soon. As he walked further to get something to eat as he was famished, Kirk heard a voice he never thought he would hear again.   A man he thought would forever continue to be in the stasis area of Starfleet Commmand.

“Khan “He said as he was about to reach for his PADD and then he heard his demand. “So what you going to use me as a hostage Khan? That it?”he asked curiously pausing.