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It was confirmed pretty early on in the show (season 2 or 3) that jake got his powers from rolling around in "magic" mud. Probably radioactive or something along those lines. Also in that same episode, he lost his "magic" (mutations) and when it got taken away his body fur also got taken away. And under his fur... he had a chubby man-baby body. WHY DID HE HAVE A MAN-BABY BODY UNDER HIS FUR?! ...Anyway.. i think alien jake is cool lookin *runs away*

that was a fake origin story i assume the manbody was just the result of season 1 shenanigans, s1 writing was mostly lolrandom kinda stuff

the real origin story is that jake’s really just half alien

watch the episode joshua and margaret investigations s6e16. its a p good one 

andy ristaino was one of my fav storyboarders and also its full of Alien references


Black Magic Woman von Andy Bracey
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