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❁ sɪɴɢ ɪᴛ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏʏs, sɪɴɢ ɪᴛ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ɢɪʀʟs ❁
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christmas lockscreens for; 
☼ twenty one pilots
☾ fall out boy
☆ panic! at the disco

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people in bandoms who need to stop:

-people who harass jenna

-people who harass sarah

-people who harass elisa

-people who harass meagan

-people who harass debby

-people who harass bandom wives/children in general

-people who harass a band member about leaving a band

-people who harass a band member about a running joke in the bandom that’s clearly uncomfortable for them (*cough* fucking milk fic people *cough*)

-people who constantly harass/insult brendon (seriously where is the joke)

-people who push bandom members about ships

-people who push patrick about his weight

-people who keep commenting “DADDY😍❤️” on band members’ instas (leave that for ao3)

-people who say joe and andy aren’t important

-people who force ships onto others

-people who ignore ty and josh’s heritage and/or mental illnesses, calling ty a “neurotypical” or “ableist”

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Friend 1: When did you became an obsessed fangirl?

Friend 2: There she goes…

Friend 3: Goddammit 


Master List (UPDATED

 Josh Dun:     

  -Tour  (smut)      

 - Summertime (fluff)            

  - Overprotective Sunshine (smut)                                                                      

  - Internet Friend pt 1 (fluff)                                                 

  - Celebrate (smut)

Brendon Urie:              

 - Vibrating Underwear (smut)  

 - Punished pt1 (student teacher smut)                                             

 - Student teacher (smut)       

 - Bed (cute smut)    

 - Slam Dunk (smut)  

- Slam Dunk pt 2 (smut) *NEW*                                                                                   

- Flat Mates (smut)

Patrick Stump    

 - Caught (smut)                                                                                            

 - Got Caught (Pete and Patrick smut)                                                               

  - Gaming (Pete and Patrick smut)                                                                      

  - Vibrator (smut)   

  - Home Alone? (smut)      

  - Dinner (smut)               

  - Merry Christmas (smut)                                                                        

  - Home (smut)                                                                                                     

Austin Carlile                

 - Bus Crash pt1 (story) 

 - Jealous (threesome smut)    

 - Breakup (smut)

 - Just Friends? (smut)     

 - The Ring (fluff)    

 - Two Bands (story)                

 - The Best Kind Of Workout (smut)  

 - Coming Home (smut)                                                                                       

Alan Ashby     

 - Halloween (fluff)                          

 - Threesome (smut)

Alex Gaskarth       

 - Butterflies pt1 (fluff)           

 - Tour (smut)       

Oli Sykes            

 - Age Gap (smut)          

 - Meet and Greet pt1, pt2, pt3 (smut/fluff/fanfic)  

- Love and Hate (smut - NEW)

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