Stay For The Night~*✲゚*✧~*✧⋆

Don’t want the world to know what makes me weak
Don’t want the world to know that side of me
When I never even leave

Don’t want the world to know I’m by myself
Don’t want the world to know I’m on your shelf
But if you want to try at all

Stay for the night, tell you why nothing’s right if you’re gone
Stay for the night, if it’s all a lie, I wouldn’t mind if you’re wrong
Stay for the night, we’ve been alright for so long
There’s no coloring around us anymore
You either know or you don’t

(In which Clarke gives into her feelings, still shaken by the idea that Lexa could have died and Lexa comforts her.) 

Leksa Kom Trikru ✧⁺✶゚ฺ*。゚✶ฺ. (Still Version)

(Leksa Kom Trikru whose heart belongs to Klarke Kom Skaikru)

The Earth’s heart belongs to the sky.

Sky bows down so lovely
To touch the earth for me

For beauty that is given
Each day and night repeats
What glory in the union
As sky and earth will meet.



OK SO. I need money, I’m a low income student who can’t work atm and has a family to support. My mom can’t work, my dad is getting sicker (and his boss is a ass), and I have a cat. During the school year I receive checks but a lot goes to paying off my car and buying food and gas. So I need money to buy myself food and clothes and books :( AND summer is coming up, which means I will be receiving NO checks. That’s right folks, 0 WHOLE CHECKS for 4 WHOLE MONTHS. And the prospects of me getting a summer job are pretty low. Basically, I gotta stay afloat.

But enough with the sob story, let’s get down to business.

Prices are as listed. (USD)

but ned? why are the digital ones cheaper than the traditional ones?

Digital artwork is given to you as a digital file. Traditional artwork has the option of being mailed to you as a physical print (also I need to buy materials and shit).

but ned? can u ship internationally if you do? 

I’ll ship anywhere in the world but Canada.* We’ll just have to negotiate prices so I can pay for materials and fees needed to ship far away.


Can do:

-Mild nudity

-Animal-features (like cat ears and tails)

-Soft Gore (like a decapitated head or after-battle shit, cutesy stuff)

Won’t do:

-NSFW (like ?? porn)

-Furries (gomen, u yiffers)

-Hard Gore


-Bad Stuff (i think we all know)


-Drawing overly-masculine ppl is hard , but i can attempt

-Backgrounds are pricey only to discourage you bc theyre not my forte.

-Gimme references if u want an OC drawn.

-I’m a microcanvas artists. The mediums I work on generally go from 4x6 inches up to 9x12 inches.


How to commmission me:

-Message me off anon that your interested and I’ll give you a place to contact me

-My paypal is:

*I’m kidding, I’ll happily ship to Canada, in fact, it might be the easiest place to ship to.