10th Generation is Pyo~~~n

Its Ishida Ayumi (^^)(^^)(^^)(^^)

Today, September 29th is,

Iikubo Haruna
Ishida Ayumi
Sato Masaki
Kudo Haruka

The 4 of us were born as the 10th generation on this day

The 10th generation was announced as the 10th generation…

The moment of the creation of the 10th generation😊💕

Hya~~~~!!! Lol

A few hours before the 4 of us,
were brought together in a studio

“You are the 10th generation members,”

was communicated to us

From that moment on it began


That is to say,

For us,

Its not like we were consciously aware,
of the “Fantastic Legend” at first,

The legend, is of course something that we have made I think.

The 10th generation has

Gotten to become a loveable generation❤️

Isn’t what I think


I think that I myself,
have come to love the 10th generation.

Its something where we cannot be separated from one another.

Everyone in the 10th generation,

is Interesting~ I think

Praising ourselves,

10th generation is the best~❤️ That’s just like the 10th generation~❤️ and the like,

Is something we’ll often say (lol)

Also with that,

The 10th generation really is the best ❤️I love the 10th generation ❤️and

Everyone has watched over us warmly.

Thank you very much as always

We go on as ourselves as per usual,
We’ll say ‘We had a fight!’,

We’ll make weird faces in front of the camera,
We allow our crying faces to be seen,

But that makes the 10th generation good~❤️

I mean,

That’s what everyone says, right? Lol

Aren’t we conceited today? Lol

With everyone here,

we say these conceited things,

As you get to watch the Fantastic Legend of the 10th Generation

That too,
Is something that I’ve become able to say.

When the 4 of us in the 10th generation are together,

There really is nothing to be afraid of,

Ah, its like there isn’t anything to be afraid of!
It was scary to praise ourselves like that though! Lol

We overcome things together as the 10th generation

Therefore from now on,

I want our various wishes to come true,

I don’t think time will end it,

As the 10th generation will forever be the 10th generation

Everyone, please come with us

Thank you very much for your love of the 10th generation

From now and always, thank you for watching over us

I also love the 10th generation~~~

see you ayumin❤️

I hear the steady beat of
Helicopters circling somewhere
above me.
Does nothing to soothe me,
The beat of my heart outpaces it by
My eyes dart back and forth
Searching for a glimpse of
The paradise we all came
Looking for
Through the links of a
Chain metal fence.
There it is:
A crack in reality.
My father can’t fit, pushes me
No time for a tearful goodbye,
No time.

Here on the other side,
I cannot hear the helicopter
I hear the gentle open and close of
Automatic doors,
Feel the rush of cool air from inside
the grocery store.

Here on the other side,
No one looks too worried.
Everyone is smiling and
Everyone is driving and
Every house
Looks the same.

My hand opens and closes,
The empty space in it aching
Like a lost limb.

Like I paid before I knew the cost.

-La Bestia, E. Oliver

Joining… !

Yes ! Today ! !

At last !

I joined into the Haikyuu practice ! !

It’s been a while, Sugawara… !  

And, new DaiSuga ! !

A new relationship with Ken-chan.
This time’s Sugawara, I will try something a little different ! Challenge ! !

I’m looking forward to how it will be different… ! !


Everyone, it’s been a long time…… ! ! ! ! ! ^ ^
Funnnnn ! !


  • wow owowow
  • so he may not look super scary but o m g does he radiate a terrifying vibe
  • if u saw him from afar u may not think anything of it but boy would u be wrong because he is absolutely terrifying
  • not all the time tho it’s not like he just sits in a shady corner and is scary
  • no he knows precisely when to use it
  • bullies???? n o
  • once saw a group of older kids swarming around an innocent new girl and morphed into an actual cloud of smoke no one knew what to do
  • he just sort of appeared and raised an eyebrow and calmly asked a few questions and everyone fled the scene so quickly it was a miracle
  • so in short he uses his evil powers for good
  • anyone picks on the wrong person???? he will not have that for one single moment
  • he is on it so fast
  • he literally just aPpEARs
  • he’s a complete mystery it’s v v bizarre
  • doesn’t try to fit his badboy image but does it anyways
  • black leather jacket, usually dark t-shirt underneath, dark jeans or regular pants, hiking boots
  • he looks pretty intimidating but trust me he is not
  • lowkey a cute little bean but masks that bc he feels like it’s too late by now and he should just stick with the whole evil thing plus he kind of likes his reputation
  • but then a little obstacle gets in his way
  • that obstacle is u
  • he is perfectly content with his life and everything about himself and suddenly u just pop up and that all goes to hell
  • u weren’t getting bullied or anything but some other kid was
  • myungjun was watching from afar, waiting to see whether or not he should step in
  • he’s a firm believer in independence so he doesn’t usually interfere until he decides that things are getting out of hand
  • so he was scanning the situation, not paying a lot of attention, when suddenly u appear
  • u just appear in front of all of the bullies and you trip and hit the floor really hard and myungjun doesn’t know u so he isn’t too inclined to help out but he is a bit concerned and confused
  • they all start mocking u instead and leave the other kid alone so he can flee the scene
  • the weird thing is that myungjun couldn’t really tell why you tripped
  • there was literally no reason
  • and suddenly he leans back against the wall and starts smiling bc he realizes exactly what just happened
  • the bullies disperse and u pick yourself up and brush off your shirt and myungjun watches u for only a few more seconds before leaving his typical spot on the wall
  • when he comes over, you feel your heart literally s k i p because u know exactly who myungjun is and u can’t imagine why he would be approaching you
  • he just stops next to you and smiles a little bit and just “i saw what you did there”
  • and you freeze and stare up at him because his smile is actually very genuine and he doesn’t look like he’s messing with u or anything
  • “what do you mean????”
  • “you tripped on purpose, didn’t you?? to help that other kid out??”
  • you smile a little back at him because wow he’s smart and he doesn’t seem very scary in this moment
  • “you noticed that?”
  • “yeah, well, i notice quite a bit”
  • he quirks his eyebrow kind of arrogantly and turns around but he says one more thing as he’s leaving
  • “that was a good move”
  • and you decide to ignore that little encounter bc it is not healthy to get so flustered over a boy
  • he’s only rarely at school anyways so it’s not that hard to force yourself to forget
  • however he starts showing up more often, just the same as always, just a little more often
  • little do you know it’s because you’re intriguing to him
  • so he’s just suddenly there all the time and you don’t know what to do about it
  • you figure that nothing is a fine response
  • bc honestly why should you do anything???? he spoke to you once???
  • luckily you don’t have to do much of anything
  • you saw him in the cafeteria, sitting against his usual wall, and he gestured for you to come over
  • and you go over and he tilts his head a little and just
  • “would you like to eat with me??”
  • you agree and have lunch with him and discover that he’s really not at all scary
  • he’s perfectly cute and sweet
  • when lunch ends he blushes and coughs a little bit
  • “cafeteria here kind of sucks,, do you want to go out and get some real food sometime????”
  • that was how it all began
  • your relationship was really unannounced at first like everyone knew but no one mentioned it to either of you
  • and then some guy rudely flirted with you at the wrong point in time and
  • everyone knows that myungjun can morph into pure evil into .2 seconds but they had never seen it happen so fast or so drastically
  • and it’s abruptly quite clear to everyone, particularly the guy who tried to flirt with you, that myungjun was very much in love with you and that you two were quite an item
  • he apologized so profusely later bc he’s actually a sweet little sunshine
  • “i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to make us sound so official or so committed i just???? i feel that way about you and you looked really uncomfortable and i know you can handle your own life and everything bUt”
  • and you’re just like “oh mYgo D it’s fIne we are an official, committed couple anyways just reLax”
  • badboy!myungjun may be a sweetheart but he gets you into trouble from time to time
  • you guys didn’t even realize what time it was but class had definitely started and oops you were too occupied making out against a wall to notice
  • nevertheless he tries his very best to keep you out of trouble
  • because he knows you’re worth a lot and he doesn’t think he deserves you so he’s determined to make sure you’re okay 24/7
  • he’s pretty awkward about saying i love you and admitting emotions like that but he proves it very easily
  • you’re his number one priority at all times
  • he’s such a cutie and he tries so hard
  • is a lowkey hopeless romantic
  • anniversaries???? birthdays????? holidays???? anytime really????? he will buy hUGe bouquets of flowers and he loves to take you out to dinner and he is just a really sweet boyfriend
  • lets you wear any and all clothes he owns
  • you love his leather jacket fiercely so whenever you two are together he likes to subtly take it off and slide it over your shoulders
  • it smells like him which is a wonderful scent
  • badboy!myungjun may seem v tough and hardcore but he’s actually a little puddle that melted for you pls love him

Typewriter Series #67

Text for Weary Eyes:

We are the magic. We are the tired palms
tirelessly soothing tired feet. We are the long,
drawn out sighs during late night conversations
about everything that moves us. We are the arms
outstretched, closing the distance, at the end of
a long day. We are the sleepy kisses placed
carefully on sleep kissed eyelids. We are the
head on the chest listening for the heartbeat.
We are the shoulder when the eyes leak because
the heart feels too much. We are the fingers
comforting shaking hands. We are the kindness
we give away so freely because everything, and
everyone, is worthy. We are the mess of sheets
and the clothes on the floor. We are the labored
breathing and the quivering that follows. We
are the knees giving way. We are the passion.
We are, and always have been, the magic.

I hope
you will not listen to teachers
who say never paint in black.

Paint in black, bathe in black,
wear black at your wedding,
something so moral it resonates

you into Gothic thunder and
everyone blinks, and cannot
believe anything they knew

before. Send them into the cave
of their hearts, my heart, send
them into the deep, deep dark.

David Swanger, closing lines to “Style,” Wayne’s College of Beauty (BkMk Press, 2006)