((I’ve been going through my old Jack blog and I just-why am I doing that. God, I miss how things used to be v.v I had a lot of fun there and made friends. And now looking through most the blogs I RPed with are either deactivated or haven’t been touched in like a year.

It just makes me sad….RotG was a big part of my life, as was that blog. Honestly, I probably would have stopped RPing if that hadn’t pulled me in. I just hnnnggg))

yesterday was so hot (95+ degrees) that my hair sticked onto my chest because i was so sweaty lol. but anyways, i got to see you perform for the very last time and i’m so glad i came 😌💜 #greatjobtoyou #andeveryone

I feel stuck in my head. I’ve never felt like this before. Kind of like I’m partially going insane. Maybe it’s because I’m sick, or that my shoulders feel like bricks, but it’s so weird. And no one gets it. I really don’t know what to do with myself at this current hour. And now I’m rambling. Since I already started, I don’t know why I don’t believe people when they tell me to not do something. I shouldn’t have started talking to him. And when I needed an answer today, no one was there. And Mike texted me again, like no. Get out. He just makes everything worse. My mom says I can’t play rugby anymore because she’s a bitch and my dad is sick as fuck. Who knows if he’ll even get better. And now I feel stupid for acting like a girl and being all emo and shit. k.