Up next I’m shooting an Indie movie with Gillian Anderson called UFO … in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve met her once; I went to see her at A Streetcar Named Desire and after the show I stayed and met her, because I’m a complete geek.  She’s really lovely ….. really chilled, really nice, no ego, not pretentious just a really really casual, cool chick.
—  Ella Purnell on her next project UFO with Gillian Anderson and meeting her after Streetcar (x)
  • Interviewer:So, what's your favorite color?
  • Steve:Well, I'm a big fan of red and gold.
  • Interviewer:Oh! Any reason why?
  • Steve:*side-eyes Tony with a half grin*
  • Tony:*coughs behind his hand and avoids all eye contact*

King Felipe and Queen Letizia take a selfie with Mireia Belmonte while posing with the swimmer’s gold and bronze medals, during the reception offered at El Pardo Palace to the Spanish Olympic and Paralympic medallists. Madrid, 28.09.2016.


Pasta: absolutely do not  vs  fuck yes