anderson sweater



1) the golden patchwork fur overcoat in the first image is obscuring

2) the UTTER MAJESTY of this MESH AND ANGORA (?!) panelled turtleneck sweater-dress in the second image; and finally

3) In a sea of sameness, our girl stands the fuck out in the front row.

Inspiration abounds.

Also, I’m so happy I finally saw the rest of this look.

via stargates​ and mexicantylerperry

best @prog aesthetic fashion sense - no order
- gregs white tuxedo
- steve hackett fairy white clothes
- neil moustache era
- ged robes/japanese kimonos
- mike rutherford 1976 beard
- jon anderson blonde hair
- jeff lynne without sunglasses
- richard wright star sweater
- ian anderson hats
- robert fripps scarves
- rick wakeman have a shit day t shirt
- eddie jobson make up
- john wetton sideburns