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Robotech Defenders, January - April 1985, published by DC Comics.  Cover art on #1 by Judith Hunt & Murphy Anderson, #2 by Mike Manley and Murphy Anderson.

The first ever Robotech comic wasn’t an adaptation of the Harmony Gold anime, but this unrelated 2-issue mini-series (note the cover for #1 states it would be a 3-issue mini, but issues 2 and 3 were edited into a single no-ads book length conclusion).  This was a tie-in to model kit manufacturer Revell’s Robotech Defenders line of mecha kits taken from various early-80s anime, including Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Century Orguss, and Fang of the Sun Dougram.

Harmony Gold licensed Macross for U.S. distribution in 1984, but since Revell had already released Macross mecha kits, putting a damper on H.G.’s merchandising plans, the two companies signed a co-marketing agreement, part of which was that Harmony Gold’s edited Macross would be re-branded as Robotech when it was aired in America in 1985.

My Top Ten

Was tagged by the super-dooper @theofficialdramallama in a challenge after my own heart. Thanks and here are my top ten (which are mostly awesome chicks ;) )…

Rules: Pick 10 characters from 10 fandoms, then tag 10 people

1. Liz Lemon (“30 Rock”)

2. Elliot Stabler (“SVU”)

3. Daisy Steiner (“Spaced”)

4. Queenie (“Blackadder”)

5. Assumpta Fitzgerald (“Ballykissangel”)

6. Gillian Foster (“Lie to Me”)

7. Kate Todd (“NCIS”)

8. Dana Scully (”The X Files”)

9. Gene Hunt (“Life on Mars”)

10. Alex Drake (“Ashes to Ashes”)

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The one thing I do believe as a feminist is that in order for us to have gender equality we have to stop making it a girl fight and we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls trying to tear each other down – it has to be more about cheering each other on as women.” 

Taylor being completely happy living her life with her friends in 2014. 


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