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The one thing I do believe as a feminist is that in order for us to have gender equality we have to stop making it a girl fight and we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls trying to tear each other down – it has to be more about cheering each other on as women.” 

Taylor being completely happy living her life with her friends in 2014. 

°   under the cut you will find ( 95 ) gif icons of the actress Gillian Anderson, best known for her role in the tv series, The X-Files, with blonde hair, requested by anonymous. none of the original gifs belongs to me ( credit and a big thanks to makers !! ), but I cropped and edited them myself. please reblog/like if this helped you any way. 

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@victoriassecret: Invisibility or flight…which superpower would YOU choose? #VSFashionShow #ThisOrThat

So you like Taylor’s music and you care about her and you think SHE is what you signed up for. WRONG!!! Here is what you signed up for too:

  • any new music Ed Sheeran releases, also you’ll melt any time Sweeran is hanging out
  • all the movies and TV shows and music that has anything to do with Selena Gomez because she’s the sweetest little angel and…Taylena.
  • you’ll find yourself becoming a fashion freak, I mean how can you not when Gigi is starting her own fashion line and Martha, Karlie, Lily, Cara etc are walking all these fashion shows…
  • learning new stuff about technology and programming languages because - Kode with Klossy
  • also you’ll become a Cara Delevingne freak because…do you really need a reason?
  • anything Nashville. From Abigail to knowing where Music Row is. It’s obligatory.
  • praying and begging and pleading for new music from Lorde and Haim cause they obviously really like to torture us…
  • also you’ll closely monitor anything Jack Antonoff does, just in case…
  • expecting USA congress to pass the bill renaming 4th of July to Taymerica (okay not really…or do we?)
  • using your brain waves to send Taylor a telepathic message to hang out with your other fave and then droll over their pictures together when it actually happens (hey, don’t tell me it can’t be done…khm Blake Lively khm)

wow…how did this happen? Did I miss something? please do fill in…


Under the cut you’ll find #72  #70 gifs of RACHEL BERRY and BLAINE ANDERSON (otherwise known as BLAINCHEL) in the first two episodes of Season 6: LOSER LIKE ME and HOMECOMING.

  • If I happen to come across any more gifs from these episodes, They will be added at the top of the hunt above a dotted line
  • None of these gifs belong to me, and all credit goes to the original makers, though I edited roughly #12 gifs in order to remove text and to make them smaller
  • There may be some gifs with similar content, but are differently sized and coloured, so you can choose what you would like to use
  • Please like/reblog if using!

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Below, you’ll find #187 gifs of COOPER ANDERSON aka Matt Boimer’s role on Glee. All GIFs were made by me, so please, don’t claim them as your own. Reposting these GIFs is strictly forbidden. All GIFS under 2 MB and are suitable for roleplay use. Please, like or reblog this post if you plan on saving these GIFs, of if you found this helpful in any way, shape, or form. Thank you, and enjoy.

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Below, you’ll find #80 GIFs of KURT HUMMEL and BLAINE ANDERSON, otherwise known as KLAINE, from S06E08 of Glee, A WEDDING. About half of these GIFs were made by us, and the rest belong to their rightful owners. Please, do not repost these GIFs in your own GIF hunts, photo sets, or anything of the like, and don’t claim them as your own. All GIFs are under 2MB, and are suitable for roleplay use. Please, like or reblog this post if you plan on saving these GIFs, or if you found this helpful in any way shape or form Thank you and enjoy.

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