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1) Sorry if this seems irrelevant but I came across your old sans-used-to-be excited-theory & it got me thinking. What if sans used to laugh like papyrus too? You know since his chuckle "heh heh" is literally pap's laugh minus the "Nyeh".

2) Like imagine current sans just hearing a really creative pun & he looses his cool guy demeanor and just full on laughs like pap? That low-key sibling embarrassment b/c that’s pap’s “thing” and he forgot how he sounds when he really let’s loose!             

1. I’m going to admit that the very first thing my mind went to was conspiracy theories about what -eh sounding laugh Gaster has and if he took the missing Ny-’s.

2. I am really trying to picture this extra Nyeh sound in my head on Sans and it SOUNDS SO WRONG. 

There’s a certain mustache-twirling confidence in NYEH that so trademarkedly Papyrus. And a lot of the times that Papyrus says Nyeh, it’s in a context where it seems like “I AM LAUGHING” and not genuine sillies. (I wonder if Papyrus would have his own secret laughter sound?) …But if we’re talking about a single moment, or a past Sans who WAS more confident, then maybe? GOSH I WANT TO STOP IMAGINIGN THIS SOUND I HATE IT

I always imagined Sans’ uncontrolled laughter to be somewhere between a quiet, phlegmy wheeze and Anderson Cooper-brand giggle-crying while still trying to talk and look professional. Like, a slow crumble into hysterics while still trying to look collected. He’s not a loud chortler, but is completely unable to articulate words. If you ask him something, he just lets out this helpless, whiny whistle sound and fans his face with a napkin while his shoulders bob up and down. Finally, he’ll put his head down on the counter or lean against a wall and scrub his eyes with his hoodie until he can pull himself together. A lot of hand gestures and table slapping to communicate in the meantime.

People throughout his life have always been amused that if they can get Sans to crack up, he basically ragdolls completely.

Ok ok but now that I’m thinking of it, what about the others?

Papyrus - Nyeh heh heh is his normal laugh. Complete breakdown into laughter involves oscillating “pffft snrks” with obnoxious yelling goose honks. Hugs himself and tends to double over into a squat to contain himself. Hates his own laugh, eventually notices he’s laughing obnoxiously and blushes furiously. Usually ended with snapping into a straight posture and a sharp declaration of “ENOUGH FUNNY BUSINESS.”

Undyne - Continuous WARGH HA HAs and O HO HOs. Not really that much different from her regular laugh, except with more table slapping– make that table breaking. Tends to grab the source of the good joke by the shoulder and shake them violently while grinning. For some reason, the Thor-style smashing a beer mug on the ground “ANOTHER” scene comes to mind.

Alphys - The snorter. A chipmunky laugh with lots of snorting. The first snort always makes her laugh harder, even though she’s embarassed by it. It’s goddamn cute. Until she starts getting slurpy and damp. Covers her mouth and nose with her hand because she’s self-conscious. Midway through, she takes off her glasses to clean them, puts them back, they get cloudy and wet again, she cleans them again, puts them back– rinse repeat for however long the sillies last. 

Toriel - I don’t know why, but I picture it being a REALLY annoying laugh. Like, just the woooorst to listen to. But it’s so genuine and she so rarely laughs that no one says anything. Sans is the only one who really loves it. Papyrus hates it. Most of the world hates it.  I can’t even quite wrap my head around what it would sound like… maybe a little squawky? I can picture loud “HAH!”s interspersed throughout while clutching onto the nearest armrest or elbow and lurching forward. Lots of grasping at things and pointing like “are you getting a load of this?” Normally, her laugh is just polite little “hmm hmm hmm”s so it’s a sight to behold when she gets going.

Asgore - Basically The Green Giant and/or Santa. A deep rumbling laughter that is visible in glasses of water. It’s more than one ho ho ho, but most people can’t distinguish between syllables among all the vibration. He nods a lot and slaps his knees. He doesn’t really get crazy with the body language, he’s still very reserved when he’s having a laughing fit. Dainty dabs at his eyes. When he’s really sobbing with laughter, he really looks like he’s sobbing. People tend to stop and ask him if everything’s okay?? He looks so sad… But it’s good, he’s having a good time, honest.

Frisk - A clear, rapid fire giggle that surprises everyone no matter how many times they hear it and is super contagious. Classic kid laughter. Widely agreed to be the sound of angels. Often follows loud fart noises.

Asriel - Some cute gross combination of Frisk’s, Toriel’s, and Alphys’ laughter styles. I think he does the snort-giggles too. More genuine kid laughter, but also on the obnoxious side, but also really cute?? Like, if a pug was a laugh, it’d be Asriel’s laugh. It’s a distinct sound that makes people WANT to make him laugh, just to hear the noise. Will laugh until he’s out of breath and passes out if he’s egged on. Chara has done this to him before.

Chara - Typically a hisser. “Tsss tssst ttssss” and breathy exhales of amusement. Very reserved and smug and so they don’t want to be caught laughing if it’s not haughty. But occasionally they get caught off guard and they actually laugh like a person. It’s actually a really sweet, clear sounding laugh?? But it’s over quickly, and it won’t happen again for at least another month. Asriel’s stupid laughter sometimes gets Chara to really laugh too. Average giggle count per session is two whole giggles.

Wow, like, that was way more than you asked about, but thinking about people laughing is a really good feeling, haha! If you’re ever feeling lousy, just imagine people cracking up with laughter. Guaranteed 100% it makes you feel happier. 

EDIT: Yo I totally forgot about MTT and Napstablook whoops.

But for Napstablook I think they’d just be having a nice time and then abruptly vanish? Blooky’s the friend that gets up to leave the room when they’re having a laughing fit. No one’s ever seen it in person before. Legend has it that witnessing it either cures your cancer or melts your face off like in Indiana Jones, but no one really knows for sure.

MTT’s got a very glamorous laugh– there’s nothing dorky about it, and it’s exactly what you picture when you think of an actor laughing. …Except his laughing fits occasionally overload his body’s wiring– they can’t keep up with the instructions he’s sending, so it goes from being the most normal laugh out of the group to a Microsoft Sam “HA. HA. HA. HA. HA.” caught in a loop. Sometimes the pitch function glitches out and goes really high or low, sometimes it speeds up or down. In the worst cases, it’s just the dial-up internet noise. For body language, he tends to look relaxed. In both forms, he tends to lean waaaaaay back with his hands up in front of him. He waves his hands limply, like you would if you were a sexy hand model. When the glitching starts up, his body tends to be at odds with the voice. He anxiously fiddles with his torso and the dials on his body to get back to normal, but he’s pretty sure they’re just decoration and don’t do anything. He’s asked Alphys to fix it. She keeps saying it’s fixed, but the problem persists…


This is the most adorable thing ever. His giggle is so cute~!

I love Anderson Cooper. :)


I don’t know what I find more entertaining. The fact that he works for CNN and giggled like a school girl, or the fact my mom found him adorable because he giggles like a school girl.