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Beauty and the Beast Season 4 ‘’ Monsieur et Madame Bete’’ Episode 1

Vincent and Cat’s wedded bliss comes to a halt when they learn from J.T. that someone is trying to expose the identities of beasts. While on the hunt to find out who is behind the threat, Tess is reluctant to help since they are all trying to move forward with an attempt at normal lives.

SCULLY: You’ve always said that you want to believe. But believe in what, Mulder? If this is the truth that you’ve been looking for then what is left to believe in?

MULDER: I want to believe that the dead are not lost to us. That they speak to us as part of something greater than us - greater than any alien force. And if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that if we listen to what’s speaking, it can give us the power to save ourselves.

SCULLY: Then we believe the same thing.

Scully watches Mulder intently. Mulder looks like he believes. Scully smiles at Mulder. 

Mulder reaches over and lightly picks up Scully’s cross. He reaches up and caresses her lips.

Mulder gets off of the floor and settles himself in bed next to Scully. He wraps himself around her, so that they are now holding each other closely.

MULDER: (whispers) Maybe there’s hope.

On the next James Bond

There are several groups of people on my dash.  One group wants Idris Elba for the next James Bond.  One group wants Gillian Anderson.  One group wants a lesbian Jane Bond.  One Group wants Bond boys.

I would like to propose a Compromise.

Lupita Nyeng’o as Jane Bond

Gillian Anderson as Money Penny

Idris Elba as M

Oscar Isaac as Q

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega as the love interests

Emily Blunt as Pussy Galore

Scully does have a very unique vocabulary and I got to say- we have a full time researcher who helps us with a lot of that and I’m always amazed that Gillian can get those lines out. In fact it’s sometimes fun when you write them because you can throw in as many syllables as you can think of, or find in the books and poor Gillian has to go out there and actually make them sound like she- like they make sense, and she’s great at it.
—  John Shiban, Co-Executive Producer/Writer for the X-Files (1994)

verysmallgirl asked:

Are they talking about Gillian coming out of David's apartment Saturday morning? I saw her in Streetcar Friday night and she was absolutely exhausted. She came out and signed and although it was all a blur I'm pretty sure she wasn't wearing a blue dress. The signing went fast and she didn't talk much to people, and she seemed to be in a hurry (poor thing). She talked to me for a bit though and she touched me and her hands were super cold. She didn't leave until AT LEAST midnight.

So I don’t know if that helps with the timeline or helps answer any questions, but that’s what I know!

I don’t know if it helps about the Gillovnyspotting anon, but thank you for sharing your experience at Streetcar. Poor Gillian! One more week, and she’ll be done! 💪

Elizabeth Comes First

Anon prompted: Elizabeth is a teenager and comes down with a particularly bad stomach bug that lasts for a week and even comes with a bad headache. But luckily she has the worlds greatest dads to help her get better

When thirteen-year-old Elizabeth comes down with a nasty stomach bug that has been going around her school, Kurt and Blaine drop everything to help her.  When you’re a parent, kids come first.

3083 words.  Rated: PG

“Lizzy?” Kurt said softly as he entered his thirteen-year old daughter’s bedroom.  It was already 7:30 on a Tuesday morning, and usually Elizabeth was already up and getting ready to leave for school by 7:30.  When Elizabeth did not join the other Anderson-Hummel kids for breakfast, Kurt thought his eldest might have missed her alarm, so he went into her room to get her up.

Lizzy was lying in her bed with the blankets pulled up tightly around her, and she was curled into a ball.  “Don’t feel good,” she groaned as her father approached her bed.  

Kurt sat down on the edge of her bed and reached up to check her temperature.  “What’s wrong?” he asked as he brushed her black curls away from her face.

“My stomach.  Feel sick,” she answered, wanting to use as few words as possible.

Kurt sighed.  He hated the fact that his daughter was sick.  He knew she had a fever, and from how she was talking, he figured she had some stomach virus that was going around her school.  “Okay, sweetie,” he said softly.  “You’re staying home today.  Get some rest, okay?”


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There’s a scene where there’s a riot in a mini store. What had happened is, the shot is Gillian’s walking into the store and behind her these two cars are supposed to pull out and I think they were just supposed to be close. And the one car, I don’t know what happened. The car skid or something and they crashed into each other. When you watch the shot, Gillian turns around. It takes kind of a long time, because she’s like ‘is anybody dead?’ And once she sees everyone is alright, she turns around and continues on with the shot- cause she’s a pro…
—  Darin Morgan, Writer/Actor. On 3x12 “War of the Coprophages”