• David: You know, Gillian was..was kind enough and.. and I I..I`ve never said this..
  • Gillian: *OH GODD*
  • David: But..but I was aware.. that, you know, when..when I was directing that she really, you know..
  • Gillian: *???????*
  • David: ..I know she was tired and there were times when we would be more prepared or less, let`s say than other times *chuckles*.
  • Gillian: *!!!!!!*
  • David: And she..she really, you know she really was there, you know, and you can see it in that scene she is really just doing this wonderful work for me, you know and I..I really thought like it was for... you know, for me.
  • Gillian: *I CAN`T*
  • David: It was just really, I..I was.. I recognized it..
  • Gillian: *F$%#@CKK*
  • David: ..and I don`t think I`ve ever told you
  • David: ..but..ah..but yeah..
  • Gillian: *GULP*
  • Me: *________DEAD*

all i really want in life is no responsibility and a middle aged woman for a girlfriend
but all i get is disappointment and singledom WHY

The Intelligencer, Anderson, South Carolina, November 12, 1914

I don’t think that’s a thing.. the closest would probably be trichotillomania, although I don’t think it led to the hairs being pulled out. In all the novels I’ve seen it it’s usually when the character is in deep contemplation, very angry or a state of anxiety (or when he’s really pleased with himself).

“I was directing two episodes of a TV show called Teachers. She was a P.A. and was supposed to make a cup of tea. She didn’t make a cup of tea that whole job. But I just saw her silhouette - she had this crazy mullet with spiky hair - she looked like Sonic the Hedgehog. I saw this crazy looking girl with these beautiful green eyes and I just went, ‘Who the hell is that?’ I was spellbound.” - Andrew Lincoln on meeting his wife Gael ❤