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Anders Thomas Jensen about Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas:

“I know that they like the challenge of doing something that is very edgy. As long as it’s grounded in some real emotions and real feelings, you can take characters pretty far out and friends with them [outside the set], so sometimes I see sides of them which I would like to explore more. In the comedies I do, we work a lot to find a balance of how far can you go [while] being relatable to a normal audience, but they’re very good at that. We’ve worked together for so many years and I wouldn’t dare to do this film with some actors I didn’t know at all. I doubt if you could hit that balance.”

[, 04.2016]


I’ve watched Adam’s apples (Adams æbler) yesterday: it’s an extraordinary black comedy about a neo-Nazi guy (Ulrich Thomsen) sentenced to community service at a rural church run by a young minister, Ivan (Mads Mikkelsen), but things are not the way they look… 

This is my favourite scene…  No spoilers ;)

I found it very moving and funny at the same time. If you’re Mads’fan (but even if you are not ;) go and watch it, you will not regret it! :)

“We started out with the plan that we would make a more pure Sergio Leone-style western, but the film is different because of the actors who in a way been more psychological than we actually had planned. So the western is somewhere in between. We initially wanted to make the characters almost like mythical gods who walk around with guns. But then there’s still a little more psychology in the film - among other things because Mads Mikkelsen is the person he is. There are slipped slightly of Susanne Bier-style into the film.”

- Anders Thomas Jensen about ‘The Salvation’

Mads' Artist talk at CPHPIX part 1

From Mads Mikkelsen’s artist talk with Christian Monggaard during CPHPIX festival in Copenhagen on 28th October 2016.
The first 15 minutes are now up as subtitled video.
Translation thanks to Twitter fannibal @ oneofourown_
English transcript:

This is a WIP. More will be added as we progress with the translation.

footage @ dan_dresdner (Twitter) @fluegelschatten (Twitter and tumblr) @mihatrochael (Twitter and tumblr)

Mads loves fannibals pt. 3/3: when asked what his most memorable line from the series was…!!! “Nothing happened to me. I happened.”

Today was a 700 person+ stage session yet he again thanked the “heavy duty fannibals for making three seasons possible.” And for the audience QnA he chose a fannibal first because he saw the flower crown♥

The topic ranged from Hannibal to Valhalla, Charlie Countryman, Rogue One, Anders Thomas Jensen… so the variety was great. He also admitted he still hasn’t watched season 3 heh

Aaaaaand he was photographed clubbing in Gangnam yesterday XD daddy still got it