anders solvsten thomsen

ICE CREAM COOL: Here’s a fashion editorial image from an editorial entitled ‘Body Heat’, published in LOVE’s most recent Autumn/Winter issue, which captures the current holiday mood quite brilliantly. Maria Borges spends some time in a hotel shop in Hawaii and enjoys an ice cream whilst doing so here.

I have never been to Hawaii myself, but through seeing it depicted in TV shows, on film and, as here, in fashion editorial, I have become quite intrigued by the dark beauty of the island.

This photograph, lensed by Alice Hawkins features beautifully subdued colours which draw you right into it, despite it’s somewhat familiar context. Anders Solvsten Thomsen styles Maria in a simple DKNY dress, which together with the simple placing of some white flowers in her hair gives this imaginary context a relatable ambience. 

There is of course fantasy here, but more of a down to earth, attainable fantasy than what we’re used to seeing in the usual LOVE editorials. Maria is a goddess on Earth to me, so I love any photo that features her, but it’s interesting to see how she blends in so well to Hawkins’ environment without drawing to much attention to herself as the model. 

I look forward to more 'egocentric’ work from Maria soon. For now, this beautiful, lightly moody image is more than satisfying enough.

This image was sourced from The Fashion Spot forums and edited from its original format.


Boo George for Love magazine F/W 2011

Throw back to this beautiful We, the mighty, the brave and the wise series caught by Boo George for Love magazine.

Retouching by @imagin-productions