anders lee

anders lee // tinder

requested by @thunder-strome

warnings: none

who: anders lee x reader

premise: just as you are about to give up on online dating, a certain guy comes around and changes things for the better


Your thumb lingered over the app in your dock until it shook, a small “x” appearing in the corner, inviting you to escape the weird messages and men that came with Tinder. You had already deleted all of the other apps your friends had downloaded on your phone on a whim, but for some reason you were finding it hard to delete Tinder. Maybe it was fate that made up your mind to keep the app that day, or maybe you just didn’t care enough either way, but, no matter the explanation, you were happy that you did.

As a graduate student, time was not your friend. You were just about always writing a paper or handing in some other work for your professor, barely ever making time for the things you loved, like hockey and your friends. So of course you never had time to do the things you didn’t love, like dating per se. It’s not like you really had anything against love it was just that the process of dating was fake and draining to you, so you really couldn’t get behind missing out on a game or a night out with your friends to awkwardly laugh and sip wine with a guy you didn’t know.

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“Impossible.” - Anders Lee

Requested - indeed it was - no plot line was requested but he was so you wish and you receive.

warnings - None of any sorts.

You started screaming but you couldn’t move, you felt like no one could hear you. Your head positioned straight above looking at the ceiling unable to move your head to look at your boyfriend who laid next to you. ‘why isn’t he awake?i’m screaming aren’t i?’ 

Within minutes of yo struggling to move you jolt up your eyes opening revealing a pitch black room that you.had slept in. Turning to the side you had noticed Anders wasnt there. 

Looking around like a mad person you hopped off of the bed in search for the door. As you were reaching for the handle it opened so quickly and smacked you right in the face knocking you on the floor.

“Baby are you okay?!” he knelt down to you holding a sandwich in his left hand and a pop in his right. “What re you doing up? it 2:00 am.”

“what am i doing up? What are you doing up? eating and drinking sugar i may add.” you rubbed your head and sat on the floor watching him ashe sat next to you. 

“Hunger never sleeps my love. You know you cant sleep now, you might have a concussion and die.” he stated taking a bite out of his sandwich.

“Wow i’m so glad you’ll be concerned if i die or not it warms my heart, it truly does. Not like i was sleeping anyways.” you said starting off so sarcastically ending on a more serious note. “You could’ve been nice and brought me a sandwich.” 

You smile as you take his from his hands and start eating it. and he just starts laughing whipping out another sandwich from his jogger pocket.

“See i knew one day this was going to happen so since then i’ve been making two sandwiches every night just in case.” He laughed opening the other baggy.

“What would you do with the second sandwich?” you look at him confused as you take another bite of a sandwich that was previously owned by him.

“I would eat both, and during practice i would work out an extra hour so no one would notice.”

You both sat for hours staying up eating sandwiches just sitting on the floor. half of the time you didn’t even talk. the other half it was just cuddling and falling asleep with the blankets that were pulled off the bed. Finally able to get some real sleep only downfall it was 10 am in about 20 minutes. 

So you let him sleep a little longer while you played with his hair messing with it since you couldn’t fall asleep waiting for the alarm to ring for him to get ready for his morning skate.