anders kill me

The problem with spoiling your bae rotten in DA:2 is that IF you bring said Bae to the fade-thing with you, you WILL have to face off the strongest asset of your team.

Fenris one-shotted Anders and killed me in three blows.


The memory of Amell and Anders for amazing thethirdamell inspired by this masterpiece

What started out as a quick sketch of Fenris and my rogue Hawke, Aria, turned into this. I’m not even sorry. 

I’ve never drawn a background on one of my personal pieces before. I think it turned out okay? I used a screenshot of the Wounded Coast as reference. It’s really sketchy and unfinished looking, but oh well. I didn’t want to spend ages doing a background.

Anyway these dorks are my ultimate OTP and I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. I wanted to draw them like this, happy and together, because I’m very worried about what’s going to happen to them in the Inquisition canon. :/ 

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Rules: Post your 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 People.

1. Daud (Dishonored)

2. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

3. Raistlin (Dragon Lance)

4. Anders (don’t kill me, but he likes cats! DA)

5. Sephiroth (FF7)

6. Voices of Nerat (Tyranny)

7. Ferid Bathory a.k.a. my beloved trash ( Owari no Seraph)

8. Lucifer (season 5 Supernatural)

9. Geralt (the Witcher)

10. Sherlock (Sherlock BBC)

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Silly modern AU featuring my wardrobe.