I love Anders and so does my Hawke, so I whipped up a little bit of writing inspired by this post by @tearsofwinter

Anders is made of gold – the thought struck Hawke one morning as he watched him work, yellow sunlight filtering through the windows of his clinic. His hair, his freckles, his eyes, all of it gold and valuable beyond belief. Hawke sat and watched the mage work his magic on his patients. He knitted flesh, bonded bones, anything and everything that he could to help the people that needed him, exhausting himself each day and never once complaining. Oh, how kind he was. It never ceased to amaze Hawke that despite everything the world had thrown at him, Anders remained kind. His rage was understandable and drove him forwards, spending his nights working on his manifesto to try and help. Everything he did was to help.

Hawke smiled with Anders as he bade farewell to a patient, leaning against the wall of the clinic to steady himself as his mana settled. The mage’s eyes crinkled at the edge when he smiled, something Hawke was noticing more and more. It was charming. Anders laughed at something his assistant said, the sound musical to Hawke’s ears. He seemed to light up when he laughed, the exhaustion disappearing from his features if only for a moment.

Anders crossed the room to press a kiss to Hawke’s forehead only to have his wrist caught and to be pulled down for a proper kiss. Hawke’s skin tingled as magic flickered between them, reflecting Anders’ affection. Each time they kissed or touched, Hawke’s heart raced and fell deeper in love. Love. That was it. That was what this was.

Hawke loved the mage, kind and made of gold, as was the ring that adorned Anders’ finger.

Okay, this makes more sense if it’s the Warden, Hawke, or the Inquisitor, but I want it to be Anders because I love Anders okay?

So you know how a lot of fics have it where the characters from DA are transported into our world? Well, what if it’s the opposite? Anders’ one day wakes up and he’s in Dragon Age. He doesn’t know how or why it happened. He only know that he’s real, and that he’s trapped in a game. How does Anders know that? 1) “Justice” is still with him, except he’s the narrator/instructional voice that tells Anders how to navigate the world of Thedas. 2) Anders can see the dialogue wheels when he approaches NPC characters.

Justice tells Anders’ his objective in order to “win” the game is to free the mages. If he does, it’s possible he can return to the real world, or so they surmise.

Some funny moments:
1) Anders is ecstatic he’s a mage and can use magic. When he’s fighting for the first time he yells, “Suck on a fireball!” but ends up healing his entire party because he’s a Spirit Healer.
2) Anders can see the approval/disapproval bar on all the companions. And like many players (you know you do it too), try to get all of them to like him. Because damn it, I will get you to like me! However, he goes a bit too far, and may or may not have romanced one of them without even knowing it.

Idk, but this idea is just super funny to me lol.


My take on some Trespasser end slides for the DA2 LI’s.