(for @teamblueandangry‘s Anders Appreciation Week, day one: lust//chastity.)

When Hawke finally manages to summon a wisp to hover between them, finally figures out the trick to it, Hawke laughs out loud. Startling in the quiet of the Deep Roads. And watching the gentle light play over Hawke’s profile, his face turning upward to follow the wisp, the curve of his lips, Anders can’t help an answering smile.

Hawke reaches out with a tentative finger, and that gentle light flares up and bursts into a tiny flame, threads of creation magic collapsing into elemental and unraveling, singeing Hawke’s fingertip as it sputters out.

As first summoning attempts go, it could have been worse. And Hawke’s smile is a little sheepish but still just as wide as Anders takes his hand, soothes away the pain with a touch.

A line pops into his head. Passion’s changing fire… it’s a quote from somewhere, but it takes him a moment to place it, to sort out which set of memories that’s coming from.

There had been this sonnet he’d had to memorize for one of the senior enchanters’ classes. Tevinter poet, but the right kind of Tevinter, which is to say, safely dead and inclined to write cautionary tales about spirits corrupted by careless mages. Though love I was, your passion’s changing fire has forged this spirit into cruel Desire. Love poetry turned dry and dull and wrapped up in a lecture on the importance of belief, of avoiding distractions. Spirits are swayed so easily.

And he’s feeling easily swayed, here, now, miles below the surface, far from any templar or anything to fight for or any kind of justice except the man beside him and the way these simple lessons together make his eyes light up; and Anders has started having nightmares about growing Desire’s horns.

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Good Anders Content: a chilly winter morning, he wakes up in hawke's bed snuggled under the covers and in their arms. he stays all cuddled up against them in that pleasant floaty not-quite-awake-yet stage. things weren't always so wonderful as this, and he wants to soak it all in as much as possible. their soft breathing, the distant wind of a snowstorm, the creaking of buildings in the wind. its perfect.

This is excellent content aahhh what a lovely day to remember that Hawke loves Anders and is going to protect him FOREVER


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More sick ass Dragon Age gifs

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Can i ask the mod to choose gifs that they think best sums up each companion character in da2?

im sorry but this is gonna be shitposty af bc I’m too tired and sick to make up a coherent post











BONUS: Cullen:

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