Another thought occurred to me. Other than the Chantry represent betrayal,

The Chantry failed him first. The Chantry that failed him, the place where he had to put his lover out of his misery, it was the first place that had to go. For Anders, it was more that declaring war against the establishment that oppressed him. It was a funeral procession and burying an old friend.

I read in the tags, some people wondered why Anders choose the Chantry over the Gallows?

This brings to mind, do people consider it more forgivable and understandable if Anders blew up the Gallows instead? That it’s less of a crime? More than the templars, the mages will suffer for the explosion, the very people Anders wanted to liberate.

Secondly, it is entirely the Chantry’s fault for allowing the horrors the mages suffered under Meredith’s- and other Knight-Commanders’- rule.

3:09 Towers: The third time the Right of Annulment was evoked. Knight-Commander Gervasio of Antiva killed all of the city’s mages for demonic possession, though the Seekers of Truth later found evidence that this may have been a cover-up of Knight-Captain Nicholas’ crimes, who confessed to murdering over a hundred mages

The Chantry covered this up.The Chantry doesn’t care about mage rights or freedoms. They allow the Templars to do what they please, which is what exactly Meredith did. So what if Anders struck at Meredith? It’d change nothing.

Christmas Invasion

So, the second of December finally has arrived, which means it´s time for our first Dragon Age Christmas prompt, contributing to the Lyriumchristmas campaign. In case you have missed our post: there is going to be a lot of Christmas fluff and drama, with Anders, Fenris and some of the other DA characters!

If you want to participate, simply use the tag Lyriumchristmas!
All our prompts will be on archive of our own, too, see here.
And we also started a collection on Ao3, where you can upload your works, over here. We´re looking forward to your ideas, comments and prompts!

Hope you´re all having a great pre-Christmas season! <3

Title: Christmas InvasionSummary
Summary: Fenris glared at the enemy. He knew that he was surrounded and outnumbered, but Fenris tried to play it cool. His opponent stared back from dead eyes. (By glowelf)
Notes: Wait, this is a modern AU Fenders Christmas prompt, right?! Sure thing! Keep reading ;)

Fenris glared at the enemy. He knew that he was surrounded and outnumbered, but Fenris tried to play it cool. His opponent stared back from dead eyes. 

“Oh Fen, could you please leave Rudolf be?! He is just an innocent reindeer!”
Fenris didn´t move or turn away from said animal. “IT has wicked eyes.”

Isabela appeared from behind a shelf stuffed with jewellery. In her hands she held a box with various items, their colours and forms all screaming “Merry Christmas”. Obviously she was adapting to the madness of the outside world and intended to spread it over her shop. Only to attract customers of course.

“It´s a plastic figurine Fenris. Seriously. What´s your problem with Christmas? The city looks so much friendlier with all those cute little angels and stars everywhere.”
With a snort Fenris finally left the reindeer alone – it was one of the ridiculously fat and glittery sort – and faced the shop owner.
“I simply don´t get this… hype. Why does everybody need to stuff his house with chintzy decoration?”

Isabela crossed the arms in front of her chest. “So this is about you and Anders…”, she concluded correctly.

“You´re right…” With a huge sigh Fenris let down his guard. “He hasn´t said a word about decorating, but we went out shopping together and I caught him drooling over some fairy lights…”

The shop owner let out a high-pitched laughter. “And now you, head of security of that super expensive hotel, are scared of reindeers invading your flat?”

Embarrassed Fenris rubbed his head. “Yes. I mean, no! I want Anders to have a great Christmas season. But I don´t want those…”, he pointed at the tacky figurine with a dramatic gesture, “…horrors in our flat!”

Thoughtful Isabela rubbed her chin. “I have known Anders for quite a while now. When we were younger he had no money to spend on accessories, but he used to fold straw stars, draw snowflakes on the windows and did all sorts of crazy Christmas-y things. He was really good at it and everybody loved to pay a visit to see his room. Anders also gave away a lot of the things he created. Back in those days he provided our whole neighbourhood with Christmas decoration…”

Fenris raised both eyebrows in utter shock. `He didn´t tell me about that! And he also forgot to mention that this is so important to him!´
“Damn! It´s the second of December already, but Anders hasn´t… Oh!”

Dumbfounded Fenris blinked. Isabela seemed to have come to the same conclusion as Fenris.

“Judging by your reaction to dear Rudolf here, Anders certainly knows what you think of decoration and didn´t want to bother you with all this `Christmas crap´. Aw, that is so sweet of him! And now get him some fairy lights, Broody! There are actually some more decent versions of Rudolf around. I can help you, if you want.”

Two hours later Fenris returned home with an additional bag. Suspiciously he inspected their living room and kitchen. `Nothing
Not a single star or candle or other displayed object indicated it was only a few weeks to Christmas.
`That is really sweet and regardful of Anders´, thought Fenris. `But it´s also sad´.

“Hi”, greeted Anders, who had been attracted by the sound of the closing door. “You´re late. Everything alright?”

“No”, retouched Fenris and placed the bag on the big table in their living room. “You have an appointment to meet. Like… now!”

With a quizzical look on his face Anders sat down opposite to Fenris.
“Is this about the last piece of pizza? Because I ate it about an hour ago.”

“No. This is about our flat.”

Anders went a bit pale and Fenris hurried with the bag. Carefully he placed his purchases on the table. There were some candles, multi-coloured cardboard, baubles, a few crafting items and of course fairy lights. No reindeers though. 

“I thought you might like some Christmas decoration.”
Anders imply stared.
“And we could make straw stars and… stuff… together. Er, if you want to do that kind of things with me…” 

A happy “squeee” was to be heard, then Anders darted over and slung his arms around his surprised boyfriend. A soft kiss was placed on Fenris´ forehead.

“I love you!”

A smile stole its way onto Fenris´ face. “I know.”

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