Since I was 9 years old, I had suffered from poor body image. I was, and still am, constantly bugged and picked on due to the extra jelly on my stomach. And honestly, its kind of sick that someone as young as 9 were wishing they were someone else because they werent skinny enough.

So, here’s a giant “fuck you” to all the boys who called me unworthy of love or undesirable.

Here’s one to the girls who told my I wasnt good enough to be their friend because I was fat and self conscience.

And another to my grandmother who thought I should pass on dessert more often.

One for my mom, because if I dont eat meat, Im unhealthy.

One for my cousin, who thought I was too fat to had been a swimmer for 12 years.

Another for my schoolmates for being the fattest cheerleader in our school.

One for the rival pitcher on my softball team, who thought if I lost weight, I would suck less

Heres another to the boys who denied me because my boobs were smaller than my thighs.

One for the swimmers who were shocked that my thighs could fit into a bikini.

A major “fuck you” to anyone who has made me self conscience in any way.

And lastly, a “fuck you” to myself, for hating and destroying my body just because people didnt like what they saw.
Because I am beautiful.
The real me is sexy.
And it’s time I saw that, too.