the start of it all

Marley didn’t know how she ended up deciding on doing this, but now that she had decided on it? There was no turning back. She was about to be entering her second year of college at the school of her dreams, she was living on her own, had two jobs…and she was so broke she was down to making ramen sandwiches and using an old water filter that she wasn’t even sure still actually worked to drink tap water since she couldn’t afford seven bucks for a case of water bottles. The thought of the looming semester with its books and tuition along with her bills and anything else she needed hung over her head like the shadow of an impending guillotine. And well…maybe that’s how she ended up deciding on this.

It’d just been a silly thought she had one day, just like everyone else who went to school full time; Oh, I’ll become a stripper, make hundreds a night! or I’ll sell a body part, there’s gotta be a way to google for a nearby black market, right? Except when she thought Maybe I’ll get a sugar daddy…have some rich old guy pay for all my things and in return I’ll be his arm candy she actually started looking into it.

That’s how, at ten pm on a random Monday night, the usually-innocent Marley Rose found herself in a simple low cut white t-shirt, half a bottle of wine deep and posing for her webcam and taking a dozen photos, deciding on a decent few to post on a profile she’d made on a site looking for sugar babies to match with daddies in the area.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, this was insane.

What would her mother think?

She’d want me to move back to Ohio.

No. That wouldn’t do. She wouldn’t. She could do this. She just…needed a little help is all.

With that in mind (and another glass of moscato in hand) Marley posted the ad along with her photo. She posted about how many jobs she was working, how she was trying to go to school and make it on her own but she couldn’t make ends meet and she could really use the help and she’d do whatever she needed to to get it. Once it was posted, she immediately closed her laptop, convincing herself it was all silly and nothing would come of it.

Glee AU, The Walking Dead with Marley and Blaine as the Greene Siblings [1/?]

Separated after the devastating fall of their safe haven, siblings Marley and Blaine wander the roads and woods of their post apocalyptic town, holding on to the hope that the other is still alive. Despite having no clues as to each other’s current whereabouts, they will stop at nothing to reunite. Along the way, they fight zombies, the elements and naysayers alike. 



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