Glee AU, The Walking Dead with Marley and Blaine as the Greene Siblings [1/?]

Separated after the devastating fall of their safe haven, siblings Marley and Blaine wander the roads and woods of their post apocalyptic town, holding on to the hope that the other is still alive. Despite having no clues as to each other’s current whereabouts, they will stop at nothing to reunite. Along the way, they fight zombies, the elements and naysayers alike. 


Kurt (Edward Cullen) | Rachel (Bella Swan) | Blaine (Jacob Black) | Marley (Renesmee Cullen) | Will (Carlisle Cullen) | Emma (Esme Cullen) | Quinn (Rosalie Hale) | Noah (Emmett Cullen) | Mercedes (Alice Cullen) | Sam (Jasper Hale)

Remember I said I’d do a Twilight!HummelBerry? I got lazy in drawing so I decided I’d just manip and edit the shit out of the characters instead lol. I’m still in the process of drawing some scenes, so it’s going to take a while. Probably a long time.