Desire What Is Denied Us

Pairing: Blaine/Cooper

Rating: NC-17

Word Count:

Themes/Kinks: incest, slight innocence kink, barebacking

Notes: Fill for this GKM prompt, though I did deviate a bit. Innumerable thanks to Gigi, Ann, and Maggie for listening to me whine about the same things over and over again for two weeks. This may be turned into a series? I’ve yet to decide. Title is from a quote, “We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us,” by Francois Rabelais.

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Fic: Off The Key Of Reason (2/2)

Pairing: Cooplaine/Andercest
Word Count: ~
Written for a GKM prompt which can be found in full here. Blaine is really insecure about his boypussy and he asks Cooper to help him out. And Cooper is nothing if not a good brother. Basically a whole load of smut with a tiny bit of fluff and plot thrown in.
Incest, boypussy, oral, blowjobs, all that good stuff. And for this part I have to add dirty talk, barebacking, riding, toys. Lots of orgasms.
So sorry this took so long. I blame a break down of communication between my beta and I. Basically she went away without telling me :P So here you are, part 2. And now I don’t think I am ever going to write smut again. It’s just so hard. *wails* But actually I do have an idea for a short continuation. Thoughts?

Part 1

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