Fic: Off The Key Of Reason (2/2)

Pairing: Cooplaine/Andercest
Word Count: ~
Written for a GKM prompt which can be found in full here. Blaine is really insecure about his boypussy and he asks Cooper to help him out. And Cooper is nothing if not a good brother. Basically a whole load of smut with a tiny bit of fluff and plot thrown in.
Incest, boypussy, oral, blowjobs, all that good stuff. And for this part I have to add dirty talk, barebacking, riding, toys. Lots of orgasms.
So sorry this took so long. I blame a break down of communication between my beta and I. Basically she went away without telling me :P So here you are, part 2. And now I don’t think I am ever going to write smut again. It’s just so hard. *wails* But actually I do have an idea for a short continuation. Thoughts?

Part 1

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Nathan sighed to himself as he finished getting ready. He didn’t even really know why he was going to this party. Peer pressure through osmosis maybe, seeing as how everyone was going to be there. He’d much rather stay home and binge-watch something, but instead he was tugging on a pair of jeans and simple button-down shirt, not even bothering to do anything with his curls and once he had his shoes and his glasses on he headed out, following the GPS on his phone to the location of the party.

He got there soon enough, the bass from the music heard at least half a block away and within ten minutes of being inside he’d had a drink thrust into his hands and offered a hit off a joint at least twice. If only mom and dad could see me now, he thought as he took a sip of…whatever concoction was given to him, wincing as it burned down his throat and trying not to think about anyone else seeing him now. Just the vaguest thought of his brother made him take another lengthier drink from his cup and he pushed the thoughts away, locking them up in the same way he has for the last two years and choosing instead to just walk around the party.

fic: but i'm dying, i'm dying to touch


“Not me yet,” he whispers, eyes bright and warm and so easy to get lost in when he tilts Kurt’s chin up and their eyes meet. Kurt swallows and blinks, once. Blaine nods, looking to the right before locking his eyes back on Kurt’s. “I want you to kiss Cooper. I want Cooper to be the one to undress you.”

a continuation of this fic at much request! full warnings under the cut

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New Morning | Andercest

Tate woke up to the sound of his brother’s alarm. He rolled over snuggling into Blaine’s side to avoid the shrill sound of a new day. It wouldn’t be the first time they had slept together, it often happen on cold nights when they fell asleep watching a movie together. Then Tate remembered the night before and that Blaine was no longer just his brother but his boyfriend.

Tate smiled after Blaine turned the alarm clock off, reaching up to peck him on the lips. “Good morning”