this is a little different from what i usually post here, but here’s my anders cosplay for mcm london comic con! 

due to poor health, i haven’t been able to work on any major creative project for a couple of years now, so this is the first substantial thing i’ve made in a long time. sadly i didn’t manage to finish the accessories, props or weathering before the con, but i plan on completing them in the future and wearing this again because it’s a very important project to me, for personal reasons.

hopefully i’ll get some better pictures at a later date too! if anyone is attending mcm i’ll be wearing it on the saturday, so please say hi if you see me, i’ll mostly be around the sweatdrop studios table (131).

I wonder just how heavily frowned upon making spirit healers Tranquil is in Thedas, not (only) because of economy but due to how easily it could be reversed. 

First things first: We know there are spirit healers, like Anders and Wynne, but not all mages who communicate with spirits seem to be healers. Rhys in Asunder is repeatedly identified as a spirit medium; he talks to them and is able to summon at least wisps across the Veil to do his bidding, but he doesn’t seem particularly attached to any specific one. 

Wynne, however, says she’s felt watched by a particular spirit her whole life. Anders doesn’t say anything of that nature (IIRC), but one piece of his equipment in Awakening implies that he did some pretty major healing 6 months after arriving at the Circle, likely before he had a chance to study that kind of thing. I imagine some spirit healers do have to prove themselves and work with different spirits, but the ones who claim they convinced the spirits via charisma might be working with one who’s been following them for whatever reason. That would also explain how they’re able to heal so readily while traveling; benevolent spirits are said to be in short supply, so it wouldn’t make much sense of a compassion spirit to be out in the middle of an abandoned section of the Deep Roads unless it was following around the spirit healer. 

So. Tranquility. We know, and the Lord Seeker knows, that it can be reversed if a spirit touches the Tranquil’s mind. They seem to have to cross the Veil in order to do so, because the Tranquil are cut off from the Fade. Most of the time, this isn’t going to be a problem. For all that the Chantry preaches that dead spirits go through the Fade to get to the Maker, there’s lore that says mages have never actually seen a dead person’s spirit, and in 3 games and 4 books, the most we see are what’s heavily implied to be other spirits mimicking a dead person. So a spirit abruptly vanishing wouldn’t be that weird, and if there are no spirits deeply attached to that person, life goes on as usual. 

But then you have Wynne. The only reason she’s alive is because the spirit of faith joined with her. She doesn’t talk about summoning it or asking it to do that; it did so of its own volition. And it seems to have done so physically. Mind you, nothing she nor the other mage says describes seeing a spirit, but it was after a particularly intense fight with a demon, and their concerns were elsewhere. When the spirit is transferred to Evangeline, there’s a physical representation of it, and Rhys watches it move in the waking world. Given that it’s not just possessing her but is now part of her, it seems like it must have manifested physically. It noticed her absence, was concerned, and crossed into the real world to check. I’m guessing that if she had been Tranquil instead of dead, it would have reached out to her to see what in the world was going on, and guess what, no more Tranquility. 

Obviously spirits don’t normally cross the Veil, largely because they have no desire to, but they can, especially where it’s thin. The Veil is thin wherever a large amount of magic takes place; arguably, the largest, most ongoing places of magic are going to be Circles. Which is also where Tranquility is done. 

So I wonder if there’s a bit of a(n unspoken, at least among lower ranks) rule that you never try to make a spirit healer Tranquil. If they’re considering the Rite, the Templars probably don’t trust them to be honest about whether they’ve felt watched their whole life by a spirit or not, and honestly, even if they did have to originally prove themselves, it’s possible for a spirit to get attached afterwards. No one outside of the Lord Seeker seems to know that reversing Tranquility is an option, let alone how it’s done, but he is basically the boss of the Templars, and he gets to set the rules. It would only take one slip up for everything to come crashing down. That it’s economically best to have spirit healers operating is just a convenient plus. 

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Do you ever wonder if Karl's last thoughts before being made Tranquil were about Anders or if he called out for him as the Templars took hold of him? Do that if you ever need to cry to get an extension on an essay it really works

omg calling out for Anders, even though he knows he isn’t there but still doing it anyways. Anders being the last True Emotional Thought on his mind before all color and music leaving his world.

I love how the divide in the Dragon Age fan base about Anders mirrors the divide people have about cats. Which is hilarious, given this is Anders we’re talking about.

Like, there’s people who vehemently hate cats. No matter who you do, they hate cats and will never like cats.

And, there’s people who like cats, but they also like dogs.