Morrigan did nothing wrong! Seriously. Everyone goes on and on about her betrayal and what is it? She didn’t tell you about the Dark Ritual right away. Come off it! She always gets lumped in with Solas and Anders in the “don’t trust the apostate” group but honestly I have no idea why. She never did something stupid enough to get a bunch of innocent people blown up.

I have difficulty seeing the Hawke/Anders romance as a tragedy because it has never, ever read that way to me.  It’s joyous and exuberant, it’s about two souls who never thought they would find someone else who understood them, and then did, and who both are in a grim spiral of self-destructiveness and horrible things happening but it’s okay because they have each other, and no matter how bad things get they have each other and they know that, and they’re both fire and grit and lightning and blood and Anders is Justice incarnate, he’s Justice given human form and Hawke loves that because they love justice the idea and they also love Justice the man in front of them, and the ending is so Good and full of hope and it’s just.  It’s the happiest damn romance in the entire series because these two twin souls are riding off into the sunset to tackle their (metaphorical) demons together and take on injustice and change the world and it’s so, so beautiful and happy.

Handers isn’t a tragedy and has never been one, it’s hope and it’s beauty and it’s just so, so damn happy and Good.

Anders was halfway through his third mug of ale, which always heralded the beginning of another rant about the plight of mages. This one, Fenris thought, was even less comprehensible than usual. Only Merrill seemed to be paying attention; Varric was staring off into space, eyes glazed, whilst Isabela was discussing swordsmanship animatedly with a pretty bartender who used (so she claimed) to work for the Coterie. Hawke sat beside Fenris, close but not too close for comfort. He smelled faintly, but not unpleasantly, of dog.

“…beyond inhumane,” Anders was saying, hands sketching shapes in the air as they always did when he got worked up. “Can you imagine wanting to rob someone of all their faculties just to provide yourself with some sense of security? It’s twisted. I mean, I don’t know what I’d do without my mind.”

“It doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination,” said Fenris into his glass. Hawke kicked him under the table.
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The da2 companions are a family

….a really shitty family. The kind of family you make excuses to not visit around Thanksgiving.