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Your drabbles are honestly the highlight of my day, thank you so much for writing them! As a prompt, could I request Anders finding out Fenris and Hawke have broken up?

You’re so precious, anon. Thank you for reading them! 

I’ve been putting off writing this very thing for a long time, and now I have an excuse to.

Bodahn said, “It’s good to see you again, ser. It’s been nearly seven weeks!” and there was such a mixture of upbeat cheer and impeccably appropriate obeisance in his voice that Anders immediately doubted the dwarf’s sincerity. He flushed, and felt the burn up into the roots of his hair.

“Things have been hectic at the clinic,” Anders lied. He tried not to sound too defensive.

Bodahn nodded in sympathy. “I’ve no doubt, messere,” he said. “I am merely grateful you were able to pull yourself away now.”

“Right,” Anders said, and he frowned, anxiety gnawing at his toes. He already regretting agreeing to come. It had been hard to deal with Hawke since their last talk, when the big man had sat him down and, with utter seriousness, informed Anders about his new relationship status.

Fenris and I – we’re going to make a go at it, he’d said. Anders had never seen his eyes light up like that.

Anders shrugged off the memory. “Where is Hawke, then?” he asked.

The inquiry came out a little more sharply than he had intended, but the dwarf only smiled a little, his eyes drifting skyward. “Oh, he’s up in his room, I imagine,” he said. “He hasn’t left it in days. The illness took him real sudden-like. I can’t get him to eat, either. His mother is having a fit of it.”

Guilt immediately bypassed Anders’s annoyance, flashing hot and sick through his body. He thought of the small stack of letters Bodahn had sent, begging him to come check on his employer. Ignoring them suddenly felt petty.

Anders moved to the stairs.

“Good luck!” Bodahn called with cheer.

The stairs creaked under his weight. The thought that something might be genuinely wrong with Hawke turned Anders’s stomach. His heart was broken. He couldn’t look at the man without picturing him with that elf – but that no longer seemed to measure up as an excuse. 

There was no answer the first time he knocked at the door.

“Fuck off!” was the answer, the second time. Anders opened the door.

It took him a moment to take it all in. The room was a mess, as if it had been struck by a hurricane. Chairs dashed against walls, the dresser shoved over on its side, sheets ripped from the bed. The smell of alcohol was heavy in the air.

Hawke was in the bed, face down, in nothing but his small clothes. Anders’s eyes flinched from the tempting display of broad bare back and muscular shoulders. He was here to do a job, and Hawke didn’t want him.

“Hawke?” he asked. He approached slowly, cautiously picking his way through broken glass and splintered wood. Bodahn hadn’t said anything about booze, but there were empty bottles on the ground, and Hawke absolutely reeked of the stuff. “Hawke,” Anders said again, more firmly. The other mage’s flesh flinched under his touch when he reached out and brushed his bare back with his fingers.

Hawke lifted his head. His eyes were red and bleary. His beard hadn’t been trimmed in days, and his hair was a riot.

“Anders,” he greeted, in that voice. The terrifying one. He said, “Get out.”

“Your man thinks you’re sick.”

“I’m not,” he said. “So leave.” He dropped his head again, into the pillow of his arms, and ignored it when Anders sat on the edge of the bed beside him. He pressed his palm against the small of his back, but there was no illness to find.

Hawke was half naked, and Anders was sitting on his bed, and it couldn’t have been farther from the healer’s fantasies.

They were silent for a long time. Hawke surprised him when he spoke. His voice was raw.

He said, “He left.”

So I had a really vivid dream about Fenris last night...

It was quite bizarre but felt SO real, you know? One of those dreams.

Earliest thing I remember is being in my room, with Fenris sitting on my bed. He’s most definitely still an elf, with white hair and lyrium markings. He’s cross-legged and relaxed – he seems to feel safe here. He’s also wearing some strange sort of mix of his usual and modern clothes which consist of his leggings, a white undershirt, and a dark button up with the top two buttons undone. We’re talking and he’s smiling, but then all of a sudden he stops and his body goes rigid.

My door suddenly opens and in walks Danarius.

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All the Birds in the Sky and Ghost Talkers Among the Best SFF Audiobooks of 2016
AudioFile Magazine, which reviews thousands of audiobooks a year (nearly 400 every 60 days, according to the website), has released its list of the best audiobooks of 2016. The recommendations, based on best listening and most interesting performances, number 126 audiobooks across nine genres. Fifteen of those titles make up the sci-fi and fantasy list, including Charlie Jane Anders’ All the Birds in the Sky, N.K. Jemisin’s The Obelisk Gate, Joe Hill’s The Fireman, and Mary Robinette Kowal’s Ghost Talkers.

What’s your favorite audiobook of 2016?

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Again, thank you @mago-emplumado for letting me use their pic. And @diamonddragon33 and @ithinkitsdashing for helping with the audio.

Anders:I don’t just sleep with anyone, you know. No way. Not until we’re married.
Fenris: From what I gathered, you like a lot of things.
Anders: But you’re homeless! And I’m not sleeping on the street. We need somewhere to live. Get a house, then we can get married.
Fenris: Hm, an interesting thought.
Anders: Somewhere to live would be nice. You know, like a house. I’m interested, but not in someone who doesn’t own their own house.

Varric: Those paper weren’t easy to forge, you know.
Fenris: I appreciate your assistance.
Varric: Why don’t you just sell the blighted place and be done with it?
Fenris: Sentimental reasons?

Fenris: It is done. Welcome to my home.
Anders: Do you mean that? Would you have me here? Living with you? Would you tell the world, the Knight-Commander, that you love an apostate and you will stand beside him?
Fenris: I’ve thought about the answer a thousand times. If there is a future to be had, I will walk into it gladly at your side.
Anders: For three years, I have lain awake every night aching for you. I’m still terrified I’ll wake up.
Fenris: Nothing could be worse than the thought of living without you.
Anders: I love you.

Heart Taker

A Fenders I wrote, for a prompt on the DA kinkmeme about Fenris hearing that couples give each other hearts on Valentines Day and taking it too literally.

Mild warning for blood/gore. Has Fenders and a mention of Merribela. no spoilers.

Can also be read on AO3.

“…And so that’s when the Revered Mother said, “Well that’s all well and good, but what have you done with my clothes?”’

Fenris gives an exasperated sigh and Varric laughs uproariously, clapping Isabela on the back as she smirks and refills her glass. Varric’s suite is now empty but for the three of them, their friends all having said their goodbyes and departed the Hanged Man for the night. Fenris is thinking of heading off himself, before he gets any more drunk, but Varric’s fire is warm and his chair is comfortable.

“So,” says Varric, leaning forward to look at Fenris. “You and Blondie have been together a while now, and to all our surprise, you haven’t killed each other yet. And tomorrow’s Lovers’ Day… what are you getting him?”

Fenris snorts, contemplating his glass of ale. “I was not planning on getting anything. We do not have Lovers’ Day in Tevinter, but from what I’ve heard it sounds quite bloodthirsty. Is it really customary to give your lover a heart?”

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@breadedsinner Honestly I’m cool with the activism he did, I just wish it didn’t come with emotional manipulation/abuse, racism against elves, sexual harassment, slavery apologism, double standards for blood magic, romanticising of Tevinter, blatant murder of innocents, and martyring an entire group without their consent.

It would also be nice if his stans didn’t pretend like Sebastian was the epitome of privilege when the narrative makes it clear he didn’t have a choice

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anders and fenris play wicked grace with each other and a couple of the other companions which makes me so happy beccaue that means he isnt like alone all the time but its also sad in a silly way how hes terrible at the game.

They may argue all day but they still know when to call it a day and just relax with a deck of cards.