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Anders + Looking at Hawke

ankündigen - to announce
antworten - to answer
ärgern - to annoy
argumentieren - to argue
artikulieren - to articulate
atmen - to breathe
ausdrücken - to express
äußern - to express/to voice
aussprechen - to pronounce/to state
behaupten - to maintain/to claim
beichten - to confess
beleidigen - to insult/to offend
bellen - to bark
bemerken - to notice/to realise
berichten - to report
betonen - to emphasise/to stress
bieten - to offer
bitten - to ask/to plead
blubbern - to mutter/to mumble
brüllen - to bellow/to roar
brummeln - to mutter/to mumble
buchstabieren - to spell out
debattieren - to debate/to discuss
diskutieren - to discuss
einladen - to invite
entgegnen - to retort/to reply
erklären - to explain
erwähnen - to mention
erwidern - to reply
erzählen - to tell (story)
fluchen - to curse/to swear
flüstern - to whisper
formulieren - to formulate/to put into words
fragen - to ask/to question
grinsen - to grin
gurgeln - to gurgle
heulen - to howl
husten - to cough
imitieren - to imitate
informieren - to inform
jammern - to wail/to grumble
jaulen - to yelp/to howl
jodeln - to yodel
kichern - to giggle
korrigieren - to correct
kreischen - to squeal/to shriek
labern - to ramble/to babble
lächeln - to smile
lachen - to laugh
lallen - to babble/to mumble
lispeln - to talk with a lisp
lügen - to lie
maulen - to moan/to grumble
meinen - to think/to have the opinion that
murmeln - to murmur/to mumble/to mutter
nachmachen - to copy/to imitate
niesen - to sneeze
piepsen - to peep/to squeak
plappern - to chatter/to blab
plärren - to bawl/to yell
plaudern - to chat
prahlen - to boast/to brag
protestieren - to protest
quasseln - to chatter/to blabber
quatschen - to chat/to gossip
reagieren - to react
reden - to talk
reizen - to tease
rufen - to call
schimpfen - to rant/to insult
schluchzen - to sob
schnacken - to chat
schreien - to scream/to yell/to screech
schwatzen - to chat/to babble
schwätzen - to gossip/to babble
schwören - to swear/to take oath
seufzen - to sigh
sich äußern - to give one’s opinion
sich beklagen - to complain
sich unterhalten - to talk/to converse
singen - to sing
sprechen - to speak
stammeln - to stammer
stöhnen - to moan/to groan
stottern - to stammer/to splutter
streiten - to argue/to fight/to quarrel
verbalisieren - to verbalise
verraten - to tell (secret)/to give away
vorstellen - to introduce
weinen - to cry/to whine
wettern - to rant/to curse
wispern - to whisper
zugeben - to admit/to confess
zwitschern - to chirp/to tweet


My take on some Trespasser end slides for the DA2 LI’s. 

Anders’ Darktown Clinic was to help the refugees, yes, to heal the poor that couldn’t afford to go to the Chantry or a healer on their own.

It was also to show both the city of Kirkwall and common people that has had no other exposure to magic except for the Chantry’s scary stories, that the magic could be a force of good in the world. It can heal people and save them from death.

It wasn’t just a clinic, it was a statement.


Happy Valentines Day from your local Amell mage cousins!


and everyone loves Hawke!

i’ve seen a lot of headcanons and meta about former circle mages being mad at anders and a hawke that supports him, but what about the ones that are grateful?

mages who burn i stand with anders into the walls of every village they pass and abandoned building they hide in

mages who are 40, 50, 60, that are used to templar control, wholeheartedly embracing the rebellion

mages from the kirkwall circle talking about hawke and anders, telling others about their bravery, their determination, their conviction

mages who weave black feathers into their hair, mages that mark their face with red paint

mages who unsettle anders when he sees the awe and gratitude in their eyes


orcaputtt have this really cute school au idea. Where zevran teach chemist, alistair is a PT, all DA2 crew is fuckin kiddos.