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(Have some handers h/c and fluff cause I wanted some fluff, and I needed some time out of the sin pit lmao. Anders has a nightmare, and Hawke consoles him. Warning for a panic attack, and references to solitary confinement. Oh and there’s a very brief mention of my All That Remains fic, but this one will still make sense without reading that)

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When she heard Anders’ shout, Hawke was awake in an instant. She instinctively scanned the room for danger and, when there was none to be found, she knew what had happened. It was another nightmare. The threat was very real, but it was not one she could see, or fight, or kill. That would’ve been simpler. The Champion could protect him from many things, Templars, bandits, any sort of attacker, but the terrors held in his own mind were not things she could save him from with the simplicity of a well-placed dagger.

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FIC: Seven Years

Pairings: Male Hawke/Anders
Characters: Anders, male Hawke
Rating: SFW
Hawke and Anders fall in love
Word Count:
Warnings: General canon level violence, references to possibility to kill Anders, a few allusions to this being my custom Hawke
Notes: For #anderspositive week.

I can also be viewed on AO3.

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Although they’ll hurt you make damn sure they’ve heard you
They will not forget (x)

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