andenken gallery


Artist Deedee Cheriel will be exhibiting her work in Amsterdam for the first time at Andenken Gallery this weekend, and judging by what we’ve read and seen it’s going to be well worth a visit.

Drawing from urban and natural landscapes as well as her experiences living and working abroad, Deedee explores the relationship between people, how they interact with one another and their surroundings. Her anthropomorphic approach cleverly examines humanity, and the connection we have with nature. 

‘Encountering the Alluvial Echo’

'Abundant Echo’

'Love You Friend’

'Flora and her baby Fauna’

'Episode of the Crystalline Atoll’

'Omnipotent Voyage Over Oolite’

Deedee Cheriel’s 'Just Passing Through’ exhibition opens on the 1st of September at Andenken Gallery/ Battalion, Lijnbaansgracht 206, 1016 XA, Amsterdam Netherlands.