Here’s my updated recommended blog list. It’s a long one, but I haven’t done it in three years so it was overdue!
  • sans-fear - my bestie, my partner in crime, and my twin for life. We’re opposites, but we’re the same. She lifts, eats Paleo, and loves baseball!
  • one-twenty-five - I doubt that there are any of you out there not following Liz, but if so here’s your omg where have you been? - follow her! moment. I’ve been able to read Liz run marathons, lose weight, and travel the globe! Which makes me quite jelly. Plus she taught me the most important thing when I first started running, walking isn’t failing!
  • andellasaid - I love Ella. I’ve been following her for forever and a day. Her blog is personal, witty, extremely well written with a dash of fitness! If you’re looking for a great read and minimal reblogs, she’s your gal. 
  • myquirkylife - Johana is all things cross fit, paleo, and bad assery!
  • smaller-n-smaller - Sarah’s journey includes some major pounds lost, amazing recipes, and now a baby bump! I’m so excited to continue to follow her journey. She’s on a bit of a hiatus, but I have no doubt that she’ll be back post baby as a fit momma!
  • thisdietdiary - SO much yummy food comes from this lady!
  • chocolatecocoaaddict - Anyone chocolate obsessed is automatically a favorite.
  • bendoeslife - Ben needs no introduction, but I’ll give him one anyways:  he lost 120 pounds, ran eight marathons, completed two Ironmans, and wrote a freaking book about it! :)
  • veggielife - Carrie is my veggie lover who re-makes a lot of her bigger clothes! She’s so creative, I wish I could have done that! Maybe I should learn to sew first…
  • funeralformyfat - Psh, you guys all know Sharee. She is one classy broad and we just happen to be tummy tuck twinsies. 
  • runsforredvelvet - Stacy has a great running blog!
  • westcoastrunner - This lady is amazing. A runner, a mom, an inspiration!
  • nomorefatjokes - Two words to describe Lana = bad. ass. 
  • earningmyhappiness & resolutionrevolution90 - New blogs I’m following, but I like ‘em so far!
shut up, sally

Look at me, up before 10 a.m. A miracle!


1 minute partner med ball squat-squat-toss (squat when you catch the ball and when your partner catches it),1 minute partner toss and burpee, 1 minute partner sit-ups with medicine ball, 1 minute partner seated medicine ball pass, stretchin’


“Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down”

You guys, this was painful. If you don’t want to watch the video, it was basically 4 minutes of squats and squat holds. Prescribed was 135 for men and 95 for women. I used 55 and was FEELING IT.


In teams of two, complete the following for time:

21-15-9 pull-ups (subbed ring rows)

One partner completes a round, and one partner does burpee box jumps (we each did all three sets)



Hand stand push-ups (subbed pike push-ups

One partner does a round, and one partner holds a bar at the hip (135/95)

Finished in 7:54. Good, quick workout.

And now a shower before Ella and I conquer Chinatown (or just eat all its food).

Haven’t done one of these in awhile, and this one is pretty accurate :) 

ella : ella’s one of the first blogs I followed on tumblr and she is one of the best writers out there. I love reading about her new york escapades. 

anna : anna’s one of my biggest running inspirations. Reading her posts makes me want to push myself and run harder and longer.

carly : carly is probably one of the strongest and inspiring people I’ve ever followed. Her dedication and work ethic have me in awe, and that includes especially her gorgeous yoga pictures.

cait : cait is one of the most upbeat blogs I follow. I can always read her blog if I’m feeling down and out. 

charlotte : charlotte is seriously one of the nicest girls on tumblr. She’s so supportive and I always look forward to reading her posts.

claire : claire’s food inspires me to eat healthier and her yoga skills make me want to learn so much more. 

lauren : lauren’s another blog I’ve been following for awhile and she’s really amazing. I love how real and down to earth she is.

ori : ori’s workout posts are so motivating, especially her hardcore insanity posts!

kayla : kayla’s probably one of the strongest girls I follow and one of the most awesome at yoga. I want to continually practice just to be half as good as she is.

these girls are amazing and such a source of inspiration/motivation for me <3