Danny Fenton is a trans boy

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Not very many people write essays in their free time. But I like to write and I’m v passionate about the transboy Danny headcanon. Anyways, because this essay isn’t for marks, I’m not gonna bother using formal language all the time. Ya saw that right there? INFORMAL LANGUAGE. I’m gonna use it while I can.

Yeah, so anyway, let’s get this show on the road. My essay thesis is gonna be Danny Fenton is canonly a trans boy. Simple and blunt to the point, that’s all I’m trying to convince you. The point of this essay is to convince people who believe this is merely a headcanon that in fact, Danny Fenton is canonly transgender. Really. That’s it. If you believe Danny Fenton is cis after reading this essay, then you’re in denial. Danny Fenton being a transboy is never stated outright, but there is a mass amount of evidence to support this headcanon. The creator of the show indeed stated outright Danny is cis, but he’s a transphobic asshole, so can we really trust him? This just shows how sneaky and subtle the animators were in providing us with the evidence that supports how Danny is transgender. You go guys.

So let’s review the facts. First we’re going to look at spoken references that Danny is trans. In one episode where Danny and his mother are stranded in the wilderness and come into contact with the main villain of the story, a man named Vlad, Danny’s mother makes him wear a belt that protects him against ghosts. She says: “I know it’s girly, but it’s for your own good.” This could mean she is aware Danny feels dysphoria by wearing anything remotely feminine. People who insist Danny isn’t trans may claim “but no guy likes to wear girly clothes! Why wouldn’t Danny?” This is a true statement that applies to the majority of cis boys with their fragile masculinity. However, this statement could possibly support the theory Danny is trans.

One thing I’ve seen pointed out on both sides is how deep Danny’s voice is. One possible explanation for this is Danny practicing voice acting to deepen his voice. I saw one person claim that it was impossible to deepen your voice to that extent even with voice acting. Another possibility is that Danny has already begun his hormone treatment. Even if he hasn’t undergone top surgery yet, Danny can still begin his hormone treatment with the permission of his parents. Another theory regarding the pitch of Danny’s voice is that the audience hears Danny the way he wants to be heard: with a deeper more masculine voice. This theory honestly doesn’t provide a whole lot of proof to support how Danny is a transboy. It is a nice addition to the theory, but honestly it makes more sense to go with the fact that Danny may be on testosterone.

Another thing that happens in the episode ‘What you want’ where a ghost who gets stronger by granting wishes, she tempts Danny to make a wish by saying: “there must be something you desire”. Desiree (the ghost) touches Danny’s chest as she says this, as if she knew about Danny’s wish to be flat-chested without wearing a binder. Danny freaks out and backs away. There’s no denying this is definite evidence to support how Danny isn’t cis.

In episode four, Danny states: “I know what it’s like to be invisible.” This statement could have a dual meaning. It could mean Danny is stating how he knows what it’s like to be invisible when he’s in ghost form, but that’s unlikely. Why would he speak of his power of invisibility as a negative thing? Invisibility is an asset to Danny that helps him hide. If Danny isn’t referencing his ghost power of invisibility, he certainly must be speaking of his trans identity being erased.

In another episode, Danny walks into the girls’ washroom without hesitation. He is stopped by Pauline who states: “I would tell you to use the mens’ washroom, but I don’t think you qualify.” A cis boy would be much more careful about entering a girls’ washroom. This is obvious evidence supporting how Danny is trans. It’s normal for him to be used to entering the girls’ washroom from before he transitioned. Pauline’s statement is rather transphobic, literally saying he doesn’t qualify as a boy because he is transgender.

When Sam asks about Danny showering in the boys’ locker room, Tucker responds: “Danny showers alone.” Danny would have to shower alone to conceal his female genitalia.

In the last episode where Danny’s parents find out about his ghost powers, they state: “we’ll always love you, no matter what you are.” I personally haven’t seen this episode, so the quote may not be word for word, but this is an obvious hint to Danny’s parents accepting him and loving him even if he’s a boy, or a girl, ghost, or human. 

These spoken statements compiled together provide a strong argument alone that Danny Fenton is transgender, but let’s also review the physical evidence to reinforce the theory that Danny is trans.

Scattered among the episodes are many shots where Danny is shown with a bulging chest. Even throughout the intro I can pull up at least three shots where Danny is shown with a bulging chest. If you pay attention, you can spot different scenes where Danny is shown with a bulging chest. There would have had to have been a conscious effort put in by the animators to add this detail.

One popular theory the Danny phantom fandom has is considering this headcanon is that Danny’s ghost form matches his gender identity. If we look at the following two pictures, we see how the differences in his anatomy support this theory.

External image

In Danny’s human form, he’s shown with much wider hips, and narrow shoulders. In his ghost form, Danny’s shoulders are much broader and his hips are much more narrow. If Danny’s hips were as narrow as they are in his ghost form, it wouldn’t make any sense for his pants to fit him that way. This is no fluke. The animators had to have have made an effort to portray Danny this way. It is also worth pointing out how much more confident Danny looks in his ghost form because his body matches up with his gender identity. The only problem with this theory is that Danny’s chest sometimes bulges in his ghost form as well. However, this can be combated by stating the fact that Danny’s body is adjusting from switching forms, and literally switching between two sexes. Of course there’s going to be some physical errors when he’s switching bodies.

In the same episode where Danny enters the girls’ washroom, he is the only boy who isn’t shirtless. This is supporting how Danny binds his chest.

External image

If Danny was transgender, of course he wouldn’t be able to go shirtless I the pool. He would reveal his identity as being designated female at birth and open the door to many transphobic comments and discrimination.

One point made by many people who insist Danny Fenton isn’t transgender is that in one episode, we see Danny shirtless. Not every person designated female at birth has prominent breasts. If we look at the screenshot where Danny is shirtless, it is worth pointing out how Danny’s chest is visibly pointed. When the others invade Danny’s privacy, he covers up immediately not only out of embarrassment, but out of fear of his female genitalia being revealed.

External image

There is also the possibility of hormone blockers which halt the growth of breast tissue, as well as all other pubic growth. The problem with this theory is when Danny’s chest bulges. Even if the animators drew Danny with a bulging chest every now and then on purpose, portraying him with such a flat chest would go against the theory Danny Fenton is a trans boy. Nonetheless, all the other evidence is present and the sheer amount of it should overrule this screenshot. The fact that Danny’s chest is still visibly pointed does support he is transgender, even if for the rest of the series Danny is shown with a bulging chest. The way Danny’s chest is portrayed when it bulges implies that his chest is much more prominent than shown in the shirtless scene. In the end, we have two conflicting theories that still support the same headcanon, that Danny Fenton is a trans boy.

Danny says he has hit puberty when he yanks out one of his chest hairs.

External image

The original explanation for this was justifying that dfabs could grow chest hair as well. I’d like to go with the fact that Danny is probably on hormone treatment. The testosterone in his body has likely influenced the growth of hair on his chest as well as other masculine traits such as a deeper voice, or other hair growth.

In one episode, the villain clones Danny to fight against him. One major detail is that Danny’s clone is female. You physically cannot clone something to be the opposite sex as the clone. This is one of the pieces of rock solid evidence supporting the transboy Danny theory. 

In conclusion, there is so much canon evidence that supports Danny is a trans boy, it’s pretty much undeniable that he is in fact one. I likely missed mentioning some evidence, but hopefully I covered enough to convince anyone who believes otherwise that Danny Fenton is in fact transgender. If anyone reads this and still has the audacity to claim Danny isn’t a trans boy, they are in denial because they’re transphobic and don’t want to believe their first crush was someone who was born a girl.


Essay written andedited by Jessie Munday.

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Shirtless scene: fingerdrags
Swimming pool scene: matty-p88
Chest hair: woldpaw1o2

fentonio: quoting Danny’s mother
ghostruly: pointing out Danny’s clone is female
thesaroinehero: Danny’s desired voice pitch is heard by the audience instead of his actual voice pitch
omnitrixareforkids: the possibility of puberty blockers and the fact that not every dfab has a prominent chest
wolfpaw1o2: how dfab people can grow chest hair as well.
jaded-rose-nikia: quoting danny from epsiode four: “I know what it’s like to be invisible.”

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