andarix art

MMM YESSSS  I just finished this commission of a lovely night elf, I LOVED doing this one, this is exactly what I like to draw, just REALLY PRETTY super pink and purple and yellow and shiny and bright!!!!  Just perfect!!  Most fun I’ve had coloring in a while, I love these colors so much. 

Her name is Faisia, and she belongs to… someone I only know as Shade?  Shade what’s your tumblr name???

Edit:  It’s @shade-of-war !!!!

Another super fun Starbound character commission of a Floran.  I took a bit of liberty with the design, but in the end I just really wanted to do a bunch of swirls!

If you’re in the market for a Starbound commission, I’m open to draw them, but only if it’s an Avian, Floran, Novakid, or Hylotl… I might do an Apex, but it depends on the design.  I’m not offering Human or Glitch currently, but maybe in the future!

so I get done doing a night’s worth of inking for a client, and to “reward myself” I just draw some more HURRHURR

this is as far as I got tonight, “finished” the sketch of Rhys and Feyre and started on Azriel and Cassian’s faces!!  Morrigan and Amren are next!  (And I might redo Rhys’s face??  I think I got the “purr” and smugness down, but somethin is buggin me still- but Az and Cass came out exactly like I wanted)

Oh my dear sweet goodness gracious, this took many days to complete.

This is a commission of a draenei hunter named Zanbon.  The client asked for it in an Art Nouveau style, like Alphonse Mucha’s.  I kept a lot of my own style in there, but I hope the inspiration is apparent.

The next commissions happen to be a Human, a Forsaken and a Blood Elf, so stay tuned if you happen to like World of Warcraft, haha.

Another crest sketch design, this time of Derse.  I tried a few new things with this one.  Not sure if I’m happy with it, I think having an asymmetrical center kind of makes it a bit odd.  It would probably look great if I just cleaned up the whole thing and made it very tidy and sharp.

Don’t forget you can get a crest sketch for just 10$ from me right now-  check here for all the other ones and how to get one!