andalusian architecture

“ The tranquility of the ancient city of Tetouan ”

The old city of Tetouan has been listed as a wolrd heritage thanks to its breathtaking charm. Despite its small size, it promisingly offers a delicately built mosaic of fine arts thanks to its Andalusian and Granadan inspired architecture. Its lanes depict an originality of a Moroccan-Andalusian impression in the buildings marked by the Moroccan touch of our authentic Islamic identity.

Its mornings are fragrant with the breeze of its warm-hearted people, in a city furnished with simplicity.

At night, a lingering calmness lays wings over its walls capable of drifting you through a bohemian ambiance.
Every night, I feel possessed by this soul cleansing quietness, which is depicted in the photos of this exhibition, through which I am attempting to pass it on to all the viewers.
Parallelly, I am honoured to be part of this show, and I am proud of my belonging to this charming little city; as I am endowed with the bliss of living through its magic and peacefulness day to day…

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