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“It’s just another night and i’m staring at the moon. So i saw a shooting star and thought of you… because it’s you. It’s always been you, @harrystyles♡”.

》Debo admitir que cuando Hazz sonríe… el mundo se detiene y todo me da igual, porque sólo importa él… es él💕 .

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And All These Little Things-Chapter 7

Turning your head slowly, still panting, you slowly open your eyes and saw those hazel brown circles that were bright as the full moon. He looks at you intently, examining if you were okay after what happened

”________________….”, SeungRi says, like a song, a melody that rhymes with the tune your heart is beating with. It pounds like in any minute it will explode, your hands losing its grip like in any minute it will breakdown, you will break down.

Just then, the school bell rang.

Its like waking up in a dream, its like throwing you back to reality, its like being back to how you supposed to be when you are with him. Dull, plain, not minding every single thing that he did.

When deep inside you knew that the moment you saw his eyes, and felt his presence closer to you, somehting was different, something was falling, falling from a cliff you had never seen in your journey.

But there was something holding you back, making you look back.

In his surprise, he sees your eyebrows meet, and the expression in you face changed. You push him away, giving you chance to get away from him finally.

“Ya! What was that for?”, he asked. as he followed you, walking on a fast pace since your next class will be starting in any minute.

You continue to walk away, trying to ignore the man who just seemed to make your day both the best and the worst. You here steps coming closer, and to your surprise, he prevents you from walking by coming in front of you, spreading his arms.

“Excuse me, I need to go.”, you said, crossing your arms, with your eyebrow raised.

“Well, I didn’t hear any thank you after what I just did.”

“You want me to say thank you after dragging me here without any explanation, and for being the reason why I wasn’t able to eat lunch?”. you said, but your voice getting louder . You shook your head, and headed out to another direction.

“I just happen to save your life…”, he said, as he looks at you, who continues to walk away

 ”Excuse me?…”, you exclaimed. Then walking back to him. You glare at him in annoyance. Standing there, thinking of what words to say. ” Patience, patience, patience”, you say to yourself. You were overly controlled by your emotions, which was something not good. You close your eyes, and then took deep breath. And thought the best thing to do was to walk away. 

“They chased after me its their fault…”, SeungRi shouted, yet it never stopped you from walking. 

“…You should be mad at them, not to me…”

“…can I at least get a thank you?”. he continued shouting,yet you are far enough to catch, and one of your classmates already saw you.


Finally, end of the class. Though you only had 2 subjects These subjects are the most tiring, not physically tiring but mentally tiring. Medical terms aren’t that easy to memorize and comprehend. But your dream of someday, taking care of your parents in many ways motivate you enough to study hard.

Walking outside the hospital building, as your other friends bid farewell,  you look and observe the area around you. You will never know if someone would just appear from behind and grab you again, holding you tightly again, taking you away again.

Making you fall again on this endless cliff

You’ve been on a constant battle with yourself, ever since this man entered your life. A foreign feeling lingers you every now and then, everytime SeungRi’s presence can be felt. 

What’s worse is you don’t know how to act.

Its like falling without any gears, diving without equipments, driving without the map or anything that would guide you along the way. 

Yet its the chances and unexpected things in life that always make you thrilled and excited, you always grab them whenever you can. 

But this time, it is different. 

Standing outside the hospital’s main entrance. That familiar figure stands a few steps away from you. Staring, he doesn’t know what to do after what happened earlier. 

“Its very rude to stare at people, don’t you know?”, you said, after taking a sigh, while not looking at him. 

“And its also rude not to say thank you after I saved your life.”, he says with a smirk, as he went near you.

“Whatever.”, you ended and started to walk away. He follows you again, with a not so much of a disguise. 

“Where are you going?”, SeungRi sks, trying to catch your pace as he fixes his hoodie. Yes, the only way to hide himself from the public. 

“Why do you want to know?..”, you asked back, then checking your watch. Its 7:15 in the evening, you aren’t sure if the bookstore is still open during this hour yet you still want to try. 

“Its pass 7 you should probably be back to your home. I don’t want to be responsible for the disappearance of a young boy.”, you said as you started walking, going to buy books to read on a nearby bookstore.

“What did you just call me?”, he said, grabbing you by the arm, making you face him. He was astonished to hear the words. Yes, he is a full grown man in his 20s, yet his actions still portrays a young boy in his teenage years. 

“I said, go back to your girlfriend coz she might be looking for you now. Okay?”, you said as you turn around and walk away again, but this time in a faster pace. You took a sigh, clenching your ice-cold shaking hands. This might be the way to make him stay away from you.

“I don’t have a girlfriend…”, he said loud enough for you to hear. You stopped from walking, completely absorbing what he just said. 

“…and I’m not a young boy.”, he continued, going near you. There’s a slight pain shown in his face, as he stood beside you. You slowly turn to look at him, as he stood there silently. He then started walking, following you once again. Horns blowing, few noises of people who pass by, music being played inside restaurants are the only ones making the atmosphere between you pretty much alive. All the time you were walking, he keeps his down a little bit to make sure no one notices him.

Finally reaching this small bookstore beside one of these famous coffee shops in the world, you stood right away at the medical section, checking those books you need to read to prepare you for the coming exams.

You look back to see if he had followed you, you then checked the other side of the bookstore to look for him, only to see this young boy in a grey hoodie, standing in front of the magazine shelf, pretty much appreciating the fact that one of the magazine covers is his Hyung you surely saw at the hospital for a week now because of an injured hand.

After a few minutes, you finally found all the books you will be needing .There were only 3 books, but they were big as encyclopedias and thick as Webster’s Dictionary. Seeing you done, he then went near you, while you were paying for the books you bought. You look at him, and saw how he finally lighten up a little bit compared to his slightly sad reaction earlier.

“A real man, rather a full grown man is the same as a real gentleman…”, you say after looking at him, getting the books that are already paid.

“A real gentleman, helps a lady without asking for help.”, you said with a smile on your face, glancing at him, then back to the books you are carrying.

He looks at you in confusion, and then glanced at the books your were carrying.

“Why would I carry those? I’am not going to use them.”, he says, looking at you in disbelief. Why would he, right? Why would he carry those aren’t his?

“If you a real man, you won’t let a woman suffer that long.”, you say after taking a sigh, thinking how he didn’t get what you were saying.

“Aish…”, the only words that came out from his mouth, as he took this heavy books from you, annoyed, you felt the opposite. You felt it was better to teach him how to act more of a man, rather than a young boy. That first impression that stuck in your head every time you will see him.

“Thanks.”, you said, smiling, tapping his shoulders as you both went out of the bookstore.

Facing him, while walking backwards, you saw how he looked so annoyed carrying heavy books, and it looks like its the first time he had done this for someone.

“Real gentleman lesson number 1…”, you said loudly, as your hand gestured the number 1 sign.

“…A Real gentleman makes sure a lady won’t be having a hard time whenever he is with him.”, you said in a jolly, and convincing tone, your hands on your waist. You wanted to make it up to him after saying the words that seemed to offend him earlier. And you thought, helping him this way will be better.

“Lesson 1? So there is more?”, he asked, looking at you with his eyes growing wide. You nod in response, with a smirk in your face.

“Don’t tell me we’ll be using this thick books you bought?”, SeungRi whined, as he followed you going back to your house.

And that’s how the first chapter of a new book of your life will begin.