anda & masha

WILD AT HEART - model: Dakota Fanning - photographer: Harper Smith - stylist: Anda & Masha - hair: Mara Roszak - makeup: Erin Ayanian Monroe - nail: Stephanie Stone - prop stylist: Justin Fry - Nylon May 2015

  • Prada jacket - Wildfox sunglasses - Pamela Love necklace

LUCKY BLUE SMITH, ON THE PRECIPICE - model: Lucky Blue Smith - photographer: Guy Lowndes - stylist: Anda & Masha - hair: Nicole Walpert - Interview Magazine (online)

Lucky will be starring his film 2016 film debut ‘Love Everlasting

  • “This is much more than your average, cheesy teen love story. Audiences will be pleasantly surprised by the plot. The main character in the film played by Lucky has a rare and life threatening heart condition and has to undergo a heart transplant when he is just a boy. He sees life differently. As he grows and becomes a teenager, he seeks inner beauty in others and dreams of falling in love and seeing the ocean. In a small town he meets a girl who was involved in a tragic accident which has scarred her face and has made her an outcast by the cruel teens at her high school. Together, these two wounded hearts try and beat all odds and find everlasting love through the ridicule and abuse they face.”