#yes I am sure Hondo’s parents died tragically #and he turned to piracy because he was starving on the streets #MAYBE A JEDI SAVED HIM #and that’s why he has a soft spot for them #That he can’t speak of #because feelings 

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please consider: bb padawan Obi Wan saving young Hondo, and that being why Hondo’s so obsessed with Obi. It was a small accidental meeting that Obi didn’t even think about and therefore doesn’t really remember, but Hondo Knows.

QG and Obi Wan were on one of their earliest missions together, a small diplomatic thing that was the start of some power grab. They brought supplies etc to this starving backwater planet and ran into some trouble, as was par for the course with these two, and Hondo was one of a bunch of kids they helped.

This was before Hondo was a pirate, like Obi he too was a Tiny back then HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE HIS HAT YET.

Obi picks up a random hat and puts it on bb Hondo bc Hondo’s squinting against the sunlight, and then doesn’t think of it again bc he’s busy with the other kids and getting them all to safety.

Hondo goes on to get a Better hat when he’s older and has Officially Acquired Space Pirate Status™, but he still remembers tiny padawan Obi Wan pushing down that dusty worn-out thing on Hondo’s head with a lil frown. (THEY WERE THE SAME HEIGHT WHEN THIS HAPPENED, IT WAS ADORABLE. Obi fancied himself taller than this hatless alien kid, but he was Not.)

So basically Obi just stuck a hat on this one extra short kid and left, but!! In reality Obi Wan had just picked up his first big fan. Hondo sees those huge blue eyes and dimples and Remembers.

Then years later he sees a holo of General Kenobi and. Hondo Ohnaka is shook AF

So of course Hondo has to go mess with him and See For Himself. He’s like I’D KNOW THAT FACE ANYWHERE BUT UM—NATURALLY,, I MUST GO INVESTIGATE. I AM ONLY IN THIS FOR THE CREDITS.

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For the 3-sentence fic - let's go with Yumikuri? In whatever situation you prefer! (Also your responses so far have been so wonderful to read! :D)

[modern au, totally inspired by Girl I Met On The Internet by GIRLI]

Krista fidgets with the plastic cup in her hands, “I’ve never asked anyone for their number before. What do I even say?”

Reiner’s sat next to her on the sofa with his arm draped around Bertolt’s shoulders, but he removes it so he can lean in and get closer to Krista, like he’s trying to tell her a secret.

“It’s easy,” he says, his breath heavy with the stink of too much beer, and much too loud for it ever to be a secret, “just play it cool. And be polite! Like, try your best not to burp or fart in front of her.”

“Amazing.” Annie chimes in from her spot next to the sofa, leaning against the wall.

Reiner smirks like he’s taking her comment at face value, and knows his advice is brilliant. Leaning back and putting his arm around his boyfriend again he adds, “And if that doesn’t work, grab her ass and tell her it’s a work of art.”

Krista almost chokes on her sugary-sweet alcoholic drink.

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