pumpkin-spice-witch  asked:

Would it be possible for you to post a master list of all the lgbt characters in lovestruck games? Please?

Sure thing! 

Astoria: Fate’s Kiss

Medusa (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable
Alex Cyprin (they/them, queer) - romanceable
Persephone (she/her, pansexual)
Charybdis (she/her, pansexual)
Chimera Prime (she/her, queer)
Scylla (she/her, lesbian)
Eryn (she/her, lesbian)
Stheno (she/her, bisexual)
Euryale (she/her, lesbian)
Aphrodite (she/her, Goddess Of Love, queer)
Nyela (she/her, bisexual)
Eagle Sanders (he/him, bisexual)
Ladon (he/him, queer)
Robin (they/them)
Josh (he/him, aromantic, asexual)
Astoria Heroine’s Mom (she/her, bisexual, poly)
May Chan (she/her, pansexual)
Megara (she/her, bisexual)

Gangsters in Love

Aurora James (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Skylar Locke (she/her, bisexual)

Amelia Wu (she/her, bisexual)

Castaway! Love’s Adventure

Serena Zhang (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Clyde Hughes (he/him, bisexual) - romanceable

Joaquin Ortega (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Olivia Rossi (she/her, lesbian)

Love & Legends

Iseul Idreis (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Altea Bellerose (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Helena Klein (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable in November 2017

Sophie Lawrence & Solaire Lightwing (she/her, pansexual)

Ryland Goldhart (he/him, bisexual)

Imohn Idreis (they/them, queer)

Ishara Idreis (she/her, pansexual)

Witch Queen (she/her, bisexual)

Mireille Mercier (she/her, lesbian)

Lisette Hallis-Falke (she/her, lesbian)

Heloise Falke (she/her, questioning)

Speakeasy Tonight

Sofia Martinez (she/her, bisexual) - romanceable

Fryderyka aka Freddie (she/her, lesbian)

Evelyn Moy (she/her, lesbian)

Starship Promise

Nova (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Gamma (they/them, queer)

To Love & Protect

Ellis Cooper (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Madison Lane (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Cal Egret (she/her, lesbian)

Kashvi Dabral (she/her, lesbian)

Havenfall is for Lovers

Mackenzie Hunt (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Jordan ‘JD’ Davies (they/them, queer) - romanceable

Razi Nassar (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable


Pride Month 2017

Emily Verma (she/her, lesbian)

Codename Shield (she/her, bisexual)

Halloween 2017

Wendy Li (she/her, lesbian)

Finally, every Lovestruck heroine is bisexual!