listen, though. of all of them to go early, of all of them to first cross that threshold, to see their families and their absent dead, I’m glad it was vax, cause like. vax loves all of them so fucking much and he just. he’s the right one to sit down with Johanna and Fredrick and Julius and Vesper and Whitney and Oliver and Ludwig and tell them of how much Percy and Cass have  grown, how Whitestone is flourishing, how proud they should be of their family. he’s the right one to sit with Juniper and tell her stories about Scanlan, about the man he became, about how he’s happily in love with a wonderful gnome and a good father. he’s the right one to sit down with Vilya and talk for hours and hours about Keyleth, about how wonderful she is, how strong, how wise, how caring, how proud a mother ought to be to have a daughter like her. he’s the right one to sit with Elaina and talk about Vex, his best friend and better half, about everything they did together and everything she will still do, because she’s Vex, and she will just keep rising and rising like the star she is, chosen of the sun god and bright as ever.

just. if one of them had to go. I’m glad it was the one who loves them with the whole of his heart, so that he can tell their families, your children have done you proud, and they send their love and they will see you again but not for a long time still. not for a long time.

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OKAY SO WILD STORY so I've been learning sign language for 2 years now and I'm still no pro yet but I have learned a lot and for my class I have to go to these deaf events (events for deaf people/sign language students to communicate) and I met this suuuper cute girl at one with cute curls and glasses and she's a lesbian too and the second time I ran into her she asked me out!! But I'm so nervous she's deaf and my signing isn't perfect yet but she can read lips well at least, wish me luck!

Don’t be nervous! My girlfriend and I both do not share the same first language and are both still learning the others native language as our second language but we communicate well! Sometimes there’s hiccups in communication but we’re both patient and try to help each other. Be the same with each other and I’m sure you’ll develop a great relationship with each other! Best of luck hun and thanks for sharing the super cute story.


this is a small reminder that some people are going through their own shit. some people need a distraction from things going on in their real lives. do not give them shit if they come here seeking comfort or a distraction, or just a place to feel needed and wanted. what some people are going through is valid, their emotions are valid, their stress is valid. do not undermine them.

My favorite thing in the world is when Mom shows off Venmo to her friends (because she is thrilled beyond words at an app that lets her just pay people back right away and she wants everyone she knows to be on it) is that she’ll just toss $10 my way and tag it “venmo demo” and then I will just have ten more dollars, thanks Mom

all these asks discussing abby’s childhood and her problems with christi are making me Think

christi often said that her mother was abusive, and that was why she lived with her grandparents. she also called her mother a psychopath and compared her to abby. so christi could very well have continued the cycle of abuse and mistreated her own children, yet she worked extremely hard to make life better for chloe and clara by unconditionally loving and supporting them.

abby wasn’t abused at home (so far as we know), but she was apparently bullied as a kid throughout school. unlike christi, she chose to continue the cycle of bullying and abuse, by misusing her (limited) power over the girls to hurt them the way her classmates hurt her. of course, it’s worse because she’s in a position of authority over the girls, whereas her classmates didn’t have authority over her.

it’s just interesting to me that abby and christi both had difficult childhoods, but one used her experiences to uplift her children, and the other used her experiences to abuse her students.

One time a group of dads harassed me and another waitress so badly at a charity fundraiser for a preschool that one of them was forced to apologize to us in person the next day in the hopes of lessening the chances of a lawsuit.  Many, many other men just stood and watched while it was happening, including all of our male coworkers :)