Seth Meyers has a serious warning for the Bernie or Bust people still holding out

At the DNC, Bernie asked Democrats to “take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump would nominate and what that would mean to civil liberties, equal rights, and the future of our country.”

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Over my twitter spotted that @somesharpteeth was dealing with really bad computer/technical problems causing anxiety and pain which due of my own PC problems can relate so much. 

I just felt that pain so wanted to show my support the way it can replace a bit the bad with some smiles and joy and sketched their main up in 20 mins Photoshop test run with the new set up and settings. 

Also, my PC finally set up, everything arrived, was put together, tested and the most important softwares back on their place. It took a lot more time then I originally excepted, and the last bit of parts the RAM came only this Monday. I now have a working machine to continue working with commissions and arts. My tablet not lagging out as it did before, opening and closing programs or just to save not takes 10 minutes long and I can increase my resolution and working canvas size for better printing at last. So from 5k I can move now up to 8-10k size for my arts. I was really waiting for that. 

Thanks for putting up with me and the patience!

Bust of Olganus - Museum of Veroia, Greece.

Extended ruins in the area between today’s Naoussa and the neighbouring villages of the plain reinforce the version that contemporary Naoussa has evolved at the site of a significant city of antiquity, which was found between Veroia and Edessa. The name of this city, according to archaeologists’ most recent views, was Mieza. According to local myth, the three children of the mythical king of the area, Veretos, passed their names on as follows: the daughters to the two important cities of Emathia, Veroia and Mieza, while the son, Olganus, metamorphosed into a river god and gave his name to the river known today as the Arapitsa. A bust of Olganus, which was discovered in the Copanos area and dates back to the 2nd century A.D., is now preserved at the Museum of Veroia.

Bernie or Bust

No.Just No.

This isn’t the time to play the whiny little children that didn’t get the toy they wanted and are throwing a temper tantrum.

We are in a time were the GOP not only has the anti-christ as their main candidate, but they have the most Anti-LGBT platform ever.

Like seriously, if you are LGBT and want to vote Green Party, I am sorry, but you are making it bad and are just as bad as the GOP, because youre not helping, you’re making it worse.

And let’s not forget that if your a POC that votes for Trump or Green, no matter the reason, you are screwing over people that should not be screwed over.

Like tbh, I can technically be one of those. As a US born citizen with immigrant parents that went through the long process of getting a citizenship here, I can screw over everyone because I am technically safe.

But I’m not. Because I know the struggles. I know what immigrants and their children go through. I lived it, I’ve seen, and honestly, with how this country is going, no wonder immigration rates have gone down AND some people are turning back.

I grew up in a time where I was lucky that I didn’t feel my race. I knew I was different but I didn’t feel it. I lived in a time and place where I was lucky to feel like just another American. Then comes 2015/2016 and that all goes poof. I feel being Latino. I feel being Mexican and I feel when people are judging me or alienating me for these reasons.

Look, I love Bernie. I wanted him to win too. But I’m going to be honest here, he pulled an Auron Burr (sir) and you all know it. He isn’t a true democrat and you know it. He is called a socialist for a reason. Because that’s what he identified himself as too prior to joining the Democrat ballot to try to win under their platform. It’s the reason other democrats didn’t trust him completely. It makes political sense when you actually look at the reason they wanted Hillary to win. Cause she’s always been a Democrat. It’s a party being a party.

I just want to end this with 2 more thoughts. The first is that I understand the frustration, but this isn’t the time. If you want to change things,great, but this isn’t the time. We can start once we make sure the GOP loses. And if you don’t try or don’t care afterwards, then you are honestly as bad as the problem that you claim to be rebelling against. Change just doesn’t start and it isn’t instant, we need to remember that

The second is mainly for those that are complaining that where above the age of 18 in 2000. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LETTING IT HAPPEN AGAIN. THIS IS GORE/BUSH ALL OVER AGAIN. SERIOUSLY. THE WHOLE GREEN PARTY IDEA WAS THE REASON FOR THE FIRST 4 YEARS OF BUSH. I BLAME THE SECOND HALF ON YOU ALL BEING DUMB AND NOT LEARNING YOUR LESSON THE FIRST TIME. AND WITH THAT, WHY THE HELL HAVEN’T YOU BEEN DOING MORE TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM THAT YOU HAVE BEEN AGAINST OR ANGERED BY SINCE THAT 2000 BALLOT. If we stop the fight at the end of the vote count, we are going to end up with the same situation 4 years down the line. History has its eyes on us, and if we let it continue proceeding the way it is, there may not be anyone to tell the narrative later.

If Bernie thought the Democratic Party was so corrupt, why did he run as a Democrat? And why is he still supporting the Democratic nominee? Because he knows a third party can’t win and 2016 isn’t the year to fuck around.

Do you really think there is no difference between a Clinton presidency and a Trump presidency? No- do you *really?*

Here is a link to some of Hillary’s most notable accomplishments. Now consider that if Trump is elected, he has already shown that he is for mass deportations, allowing more countries to have access to nuclear weapons, destabilizating the global political climate…I could go on.

Most of the world can’t afford a Trump presidency. Most of the world also has no power to stop it. As a US citizen, you do. You can make a “statement” by voting your conscience, but how moral are you really going to feel in a few years when he has trashed the economy, broken up families, and left the next generation an ultra-conservative Supreme Court? There won’t be any progress concerning the environment. We’ll be knocked back years concerning women’s rights, racism, voting rights, etc.

But at least you’ll feel good about yourself.

I just saw a hillary clinton blog and they had posts that said they blame bernie sanders and his supporters if hillary loses to trump. Yes it’s totally their fault she’s one of the most unpopular and corrupt candidates.

“I hate the two party system!”


You like the Green Party? Look inside your own town, county, and state! Campaign for a Green Party candidate for your town boards! Your county departments! Your state legislature. Grow from the bottom up! Build up parties that you believe in.


They will not win. Jill Stein will not be president. Jill Stein will probably NEVER be president. Her ONLY goal is to bring people into the party. That is LITERALLY her only goal. Gary Johnson, of the Libertarian Party, has the goal of getting to the debate stage so that people can learn of Libertarian ideaology and then get involved in that party. THEY ARE NOT RUNNING TO WIN.

A vote for a third party candidate for PRESIDENT is a WASTED VOTE. Sorry to be pessimistic. But it is.

You cannot vote for someone for the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND to grow a party. You have to start LOCAL. Then, maybe in 4 to 8 years, we will have a viable third party candidate.

But right now? Not a chance. It’s Hillary or Trump. Vote for the one that is going to be a better president.

(REDACTED: “Hint: it’s Hillary.”)

Literally if you’re voting for Bernie, Jill Stein, or not voting at all, you’re voting for Trump. That’s how politics works, that’s how this country works. We have 2 major parties and 2 candidates. Bernie wants you to vote for Hillary. Obama wants you to vote for Hillary. Please, go out and vote for Hillary. She doesn’t have to align with all of your ideals, but if you’re a democrat, or someone who doesn’t want Trump in office, you’ll do your part to fight this fight and vote for Hillary.