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Soulmates | Jily; Wolfstar; G
Soulmate AU where everyone is born with the knowledge of their soulmate’s first name. One of two things can happen: A) Person A is frustrated because their soulmate’s name is a super common one (like Jack or Jane) and they meet several people with that name through their life before finally finding Person B, or B) Person A is frustrated because their soulmate’s name is incredibly “out there” (Destiny, Petruchio, etc.) and “WHAT KIND OF A NAME IS THAT!” Of course, then they meet Person B, who has that weird name.
A/N: I had to do both A and B! (They may seem incomplete, but I wanted to catch just the moment they met.)

Lily Evans couldn’t believe how unlucky she was. She was 22 years old and she had already met 20 James at least.
When she was a little child, Lily had actually felt relieved that her soulmate’s name was something so common like James - it won’t be hard to find him, she had thought. there are so many James out there that I’ll just have to pick one! How naive of her.
Lily didn’t find her James until one night she walked into a pub and sat at the counter.
“I’d like a Martini, please,” Lily said without looking at the barman.
“I’d like your phone number if you don’t mind” was his reply.
When Lily turned to look at him ready to tell him to fuck off, her eyes caught the name written on his uniform before staring in his eyes. Then…she knew.
“Lily?” James asked sounding like they were meeting after having spent a long time apart.
“James,” Lily had said that name umpteen times before but never had it felt so right on her lips. “James.” she couldn’t say anything else.
They spent the rest of the night staring at each other and getting to know each other, even if both of them felt like they didn’t need it.

That Thursday Sirius Black felt like he was about to find him. His soulmate. His Remus
You know, when he thought about it, Sirius actually felt lucky that his soulmate was called something weird; they already had something in common this way - Sirius wasn’t the most common name out there.
“I don’t want to ruin your mood,” James began as they walked towards the library, “but I can’t bring myself to think you can actually meet someone named Remus just by pure luck.”
“Just like when you thought that your Lily couldn’t just walk in your pub and talk to you,” Sirius replied. He was actually a little jealous of that. Not everyone was lucky enough to find their soulmates as easily as James had.
“Oh, don’t sulk now,” James laughed. “You know, you could-”
“Remus!” a high-pitched voice called out behind them. “I got an A! I can’t believe this!” Someone laughed at that.
As Sirius turned his head a boy said “I knew you could do it, Pete.” and there he was; a Remus. Since he was giving him his back, Sirius couldn’t see his face - his ass, though. How could it be so perfect?
“Sirius?! Why are you-” as James was calling his name, Remus turned to him. Their eyes locked and Sirius stopped breathing. Was this what he was supposed to feel? Like he knew he could be happy just by watching him - just by knowing they had met at least once.
“Sirius,” Remus said under his breath.“Sirius. I couldn’t believe someone could name their son like that.”
Sirius wanted to laugh at that, but he just swallowed. “You’re the one to talk, Remus.”

speaking of “Behold! A Man!”

Remind me again why it was just Socrates that they sentenced to death for being a public nuisance?

I mean, I’m starting to believe that all of the ancient Greek philosophers, to a man, were all little shits

Just…doing the ancient Greek version of shitposting, all day and all night